Cougar's Latest Chassis Set To 'Conquer' Computex 2017

Cougar announced that it will launch a brand new chassis at Computex 2017 called the “Conquer,” an aluminum chassis with tempered glass panels on both sides. This mid-tower chassis features an open-frame design with a CNC'd aluminum alloy frame topped off with aluminum panels and 5mm thick tempered glass side panels.

Conquer has a distinctive design that one could argue resembles a ship or helmet you might find in a futuristic game such as CoD: Infinite Warfare, Destiny, Titanfall 2, or Mass Effect: Andromeda.   

Looking at the layout of the Conquer, the aluminum motherboard tray is rotated 45° towards the rear of the chassis and supports mini-ITX, micro-ATX, and full-size ATX motherboards. This chassis features seven expansion slots and offers support for GPUs up to 350mm in length, CPU coolers as tall as 190mm, and PSUs as long as 220mm.

In addition, the Conquer has mounting locations for up to three 3.5" hard drives and four 2.5" SSDs. The chassis can support up to three 120mm fans (three Cougar CFD 120mm LED fans are included) in the top and two 120mm fans in the front (optional). This case supports radiators and all-in-one coolers up to 360mm in the top of the chassis and 240mm in the front. The front of the case has two USB 3.0 ports and HD audio and microphone jacks.

Although it’s hard to tell from the images supplied by Cougar, the Conquer is rather large for a mid-tower design, standing almost 23 x 10 x 30 inches (HxWxL). Although the weight of the chassis was not listed in the specs provided, we think it’s safe to say that just the inclusion of two 5mm tempered glass side panels guarantees this case will definitely be on the heavy side.

The aluminum top panel not only acts as a wind tunnel for the three included 120mm fans, it can also be used as a handle to lift or transport your system. There is no mention of fan filters, but given the fact that this is an open-air chassis, it seems like a moot point.

Overall the Conquer looks like an interesting chassis that can accommodate mild-to-wild system builds. The Cougar Conquer will be available in late June or early July with an MSRP of $250.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Cougar Conquer Case
Motherboard TypeUp to ATX
Expansion Slots7
Dimensions580 x 255 x 685mm (HxWxL)
PSUSupport For Standard PS2 PSU
Front I/OUSB 3.0 x 2HD Audio x 1Microphone x1
Radiator Support2x 360mm, 1x 240mm
Fan Support120mm fan x3 (Top)120mm fan x2 (Front)
CPU CoolerMax Height190mm
VGA CoolerMax Length350mm
PSU CoolerMax Length220mm
  • DookieDraws
    That will look good in my home in 2050. :)
  • torka
    ugh... expensive and gaudy
  • sillynilly
    Taking a page out of the inWin playbook. Definitely the demon seed of the inWin Tou and inWin S case.

    I like the look, but the name doesn't really work does it?

    "What case did you buy?"
    "I got the Conquer."
    "The case to conquer what?"
    "No it's the Conquer."
    "Fine don't tell me."
  • JamesSneed
    I don't like the looks of it. The open sides bug me as well for the dust bunnies and noise.
  • Sam Hain
    It's definitely the love-child of Optimus Prime and the (bang) Bus from Black Ops III MP Nuketown map.
  • bit_user
    I could see this at some kind of VR location-based entertainment business that's trying to look as different as possible from the computers people are likely to have in their homes.

    In the right setting, it wouldn't look half bad. I'd never buy one, regardless of price.
  • manleysteele
    Another computer case dressed in a clown suit. Funny and not in the good way.
  • DocBones
    Were are the low noise cases?