Cougar's Latest Conquer 2 Chassis Is Wild, Extravagant, and Weird

(Image credit: Cougar)

Whereas Cougar is normally known for creating relatively budget-oriented solutions, it seems they’ve built something that takes a swing in a totally different direction. This something is the Conquer 2, which is a chassis that looks like none other, as reported by TechPowerUp.

The chassis’ external features are wild, with a wicked metal frame that can be completely disassembled for modding and adjusting. Its design is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, though rather than describing it, we reckon we’d be better off letting the images do the talking. Go ahead and click through the gallery below.

Because of its rather unusual shape, the case doesn’t have a panel you can pop off to get inside it and build your system. Rather, it features a so-called sub-chassis, which can be slid right out the back for easy access. Despite that, we can’t imagine this being easy to build in, as sliding it on when there’s lots of cables and clutter around might prove challenging, though should be doable. Inside, there is space for up to ATX size motherboards and multiple graphics cards up to 400mm long (there are 8 expansion slots plus one area for vertical GPU mounting).

(Image credit: Cougar)

To cool your system, it’s clear that Cougar is pointing you towards liquid cooling, as the system has space for a 240 mm radiator at the front and a 360 mm unit at the top exhaust. The company also hasn’t listed a maximum CPU cooler height restriction.

A single RGB-enabled fan is included at the front intake, as shown in the images.  The case also comes with RGB lighting all over its front, which can be controlled through your motherboard’s lighting ecosystem with its addressable RGB support.

Though no information was given about availability or pricing, we reckon this chassis won’t come cheap as it looks like the manufacturer’s attempt at showing off what it’s capable of building with higher budgets.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.