Crucial MX500 SSD Provides 500GB of Storage For Just $57

(Image credit: Crucial)

The MX500 internal SSD from Crucial is currently listed on Amazon for just $57.99. Its usual price lingers around $69, making this a 17% total discount. The 2.5" SSD is well-suited for both laptops and desktops with limited space.

Crucial MX500 500 GB Internal SSD:was $69, now $57 @Amazon

Crucial MX500 500 GB Internal SSD: was $69, now $57 @Amazon
This deal saves you a total of $12, providing 500 GB worth of storage at just .11 cents per gigabyte. It can reach read/write speeds as high as 560/510 megabytes per second.

The SSD uses a SATA 6 Gbps interface. It has a small form factor, measuring in at just 4.06" x .28" x 2.76". If you're looking for a compact device with plenty of storage, this SSD should definitely be on your radar. It has read speeds up to 560 Mbps and write speeds reaching 510 Mbps.

It has a maximum storage capacity of 500 GB and offers additional features in the way of protection by providing AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption. If you'd like to read more about this drive and how it performs, check out our review of the Crucial MX500.

If you'd like to get your hands on this deal, visit the Crucial MX500 product page on Amazon. You can also check our list of Best SSDs for more solid-state drives and storage options.

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  • mdd1963
    I've used 15-20 of these on assorted laptop upgrades over the last 12-18 months, never an issue!

    An (arguably equal) excellent but lower cost alternative to the 860 EVO...!

    $57 is truly an excellent price! (And those 560 MB/sec sequential reads claim is quite accurate, I saw 563 MB/sec reads with a four year old i5 laptop afterward!)
  • XaveT
    Seconding this... I've been using these in various projects (including a home VM cluster) and they have always done very well. The IOPS is what I focus on, and while I can't say it's ALWAYS near 95K/90K, it's close. Solid product.
  • neojack
    same here, i installed these on dozens of second hand laptops, prepared for our company, with bitlocker encryption activated.
    no loss of performance, they are all still alive. never had to RMA one. solid product, even worth to be used for planes or spaceships.

    congratulations to Tom's for highlighting this deal instead of the usual crappy low-cost dramless ssd "deals" we (used to) see here.