Cryorig's Mainstream H7 CPU Cooler 'Coming Soon'

When we visited Cryorig's Booth at Computex, the company was showcasing its H7 CPU cooler for the first time ever. This was not only because the company announced the product at the Taiwan-based trade show, but because it was the first trade show that the company ever attended. That H7 CPU cooler will soon be coming to shelves, the startup company announced today.

The H7 is Cryorig's effort at mid-tier CPU cooling, which is aimed to appeal to a mainstream audience. The unit is 145 mm tall, meaning it will fit in most enclosures, and it has enough cooling power to handle pretty much any mainstream CPU, so long as you don't look into overclocking too much.

Even with the fan, the H7 won't crowd the RAM modules much. The heatsink features a simple tower design, with the aluminum fins shaped with a unique HiveFin structure. The idea behind this design is to help guide air through the fin stack, thereby reducing turbulence and increasing the airflow.

Cryorig's H7 at Computex 2014

On the unit, Cryorig has fitted its QF120 PWM fan. This is a new fan that the company is launching together with this CPU cooler. It will be available in three different versions -- Silent, Balanced, and Performance -- and it comes in different RPM levels. All of them support PWM, and they have the company's own Quad Air Inlet design, which uses the frame's corners to draw in more air.

It remains to be seen how well this CPU cooler will perform, but given Cryorig's enthusiasm, we've got high hopes for it. The company didn't indicate what it would cost, but we'd expect the price tag to be around $40 or less. The cooler should be coming soon, with the QF120 fans following later.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • dovah-chan
    On sale for $35 could make this a 212 killer if the numbers are there. Seeing how it's from Cryorig I don't have any doubt it will boast some pretty exceptional temps for the price. Not to mention they own the only mounting system that is on par with Noctua's. Can't wait to get my hands on one (or any Cryorig cooler ;~;)
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    The H5 is already the 212 Killer.