Deepcool Cases On Display At Computex

Deepcool had a slew of new cases on display at Computex this year. The company's case offerings run the gamut from “budget-friendly” to “beastly” and everything in between.

Let’s talk about the budget-friendly Earlkase RBG first, shall we? This mid-tower chassis features an all-metal powder-coated design; seven expansion slots; support for mini-ITX, microATX, and ATX motherboards; two 3.5” hard drives; and four 2.5” SSDs. This chassis can be outfitted with coolers as tall as 160mm and graphics cards up to 300mm in length. The hard drive rack is nestled in the PSU tunnel and is adjustable to make room for longer power supplies.

Other features include a full-size tempered glass side panel, RGB lighting strips, and support for radiators and all-in-one water cooling systems up to 280mm at the top and 360mm in the front. The Earlkase RBG ships with two 120mm intake fans and supports up to six fans total.

This chassis is available now with an $80 MSRP.

The Baronkase Liquid and Dukase Liquid are both mid-tower chassis with built-in Deepcool Captain 240EX AIO water cooling systems and visible flow rate meters. Additionally, both chassis are equipped with integrated red LED lighting that includes LED strips, a light panel, a water block, and a flow indicator. Much like the Earlkase RBG, these cases also feature seven expansion slots, support for mini-ITX/microATX/ATX motherboards, two 3.5” hard drives, and four 2.5” SSDs. Both the Baronkase Liquid and Dukase Liquid are are available now for $130 and $190, respectively.

The New Ark 90 features a built-in Captain 280EX AIO liquid cooling system with an RGB-lit front-mounted flowmeter that spans the entire front of the chassis (top to bottom). The mounting location of pre-installed all-in-one cooler features a bit of a twist. The traditional radiator/fan mounting location behind the the front fascia has been rotated 90°, making it parallel to the motherboard tray. Instead of drawing cool air in from the front of the chassis, this radiator instead draws air in from the right hand side of the case.

The twists don’t end there; the New Ark 90 also supports vertically mounted GPUs via an included PCI-E riser cable. The front and side panels are tempered glass, allowing you to fully appreciate the chassis’ RGB lighting system. This chassis is scheduled for release in October. No price is available at this time.

This brings us to Deepcool’s successor to the Tristellar Mini-ITX case. The appropriately named Quadstellar chassis sports four separate compartments and support for full-sized E-ATX motherboards. The motherboard compartment extends into the internal structure of the chassis, allowing for installation of the larger E-ATX motherboards and up to four full-sized GPUs. Graphics cards can also be mounted in the upper right cabin, and the adjacent upper compartment is home to nine hard drive mounting locations. Power supplies are mounted in the bottom left compartment.

The chassis supports radiators and all-in-one coolers up to 360mm, PSUs up to 280mm, and CPU air coolers up to 110mm. The Quadstellar comes in both standard and tempered glass versions.

According to the Deepcool representative at Computex, there will be both an entry level and premium version of the Quadstellar chassis, priced at $299 and $350, respectively. Availability has yet to be announced.

  • BulkZerker
    I'd be a bigger fan of those roster mounted cards of they offered some sort of intake duct work for them.