DeepCool Launches Keyboard and Mouse Alongside New Cases

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We recently took a look at DeepCool’s CG560, an $85 mid-tower case with three 120mm RGB fans and a 140mm exhaust and came away mostly impressed. But it’s a new year and the company is back with two new cases: the CK560 and the CK500, which are also budget-friendly, air-flow-focused mid-towers, along with a couple new peripherals--a first for the company mostly known for cases and cooling.

The new CK560 still features that reticle pattern on the front panel (although it’s metal this time, and magnetically attached). It also has three RGB 120mm fans and one 140mm exhaust (sans molex connector this time). 

Aside from generous and well-spaced top ports, there isn’t a ton of differences between this version and the CG model. DeepCool did, however, push the front panel out a bit more to allow for more breathing room for your hardware and add in an anti-sag GPU support bracket.

DeepCool CG500 cases in black and white

(Image credit: DeepCool)

Next up is the CK500, which has a more minimal design, as it lacks that reticle-like design up front, but is still, seemingly pushed out enough to allow for better airflow than most sealed front panel cases.

The CK560 retails for $99 in black, or $104 in white, while its sibling case, the CK500 goes for $80.

MG510 Mouse and KG722 65 Mechanical Keyboard

(Image credit: DeepCool)

Don’t go anywhere, because DeepCool also has some new peripherals on offer: The MG510 gaming mouse and the KG722 65 percent mechanical keyboard.

Sliding in first with its Ultra-Glide mouse feet is the MG510, which features a PixArt PAW3370 optical sensor, 19,000 DPI, 2.4 GHz wireless, 36 hours of battery life, six programmable buttons, aRGB lighting and OMRON Micro Switches.

Along with its high DPI, the PixArt sensor allows for an IPS of 400 and a 1000hz polling rate, all for $80.

Clicking and clacking in is DeepCool’s new 65 percent mechanical plank, the KG772. DeepCool’s new wired keyboard is fitted with Gateron Red mechanical switches, which will provide you with a linear keystroke at an operating force of 45g. Covering Gateron’s switches are laser-engraved ABS, RGB shine-through keycaps that are side-printed, giving your keyboard an understated look. The keycaps are attractive, but very smooth. Likewise, the board feels solid, but is mostly featureless on its sides, as this is a wired model without the need for any buttons or toggle switches.

While the keycaps are discrete, the KG772 has per-key RGB, which can be addressed with DeepCool’s own software. We just wish it had flip-up feet underneath for extra ergonomic versatility.

Just like the MG510, the new KG722 retails for $80, and both should be on sale right now.

Myles Goldman
Freelancer Writer

Myles Goldman is a freelance writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews keyboards and cases.

  • Endymio
    The MG510 gaming mouse and the KG722 65 percent mechanical keyboard.
    I want a "65% mechanical" keyboard about as much as a woman wants a 65% accurate pregnancy test. And what's with the Tom's logo on the space bar on that keyboard?