Deepcool Reveals Two New Matrexx 55 Cases

What's cooler than being cool? Outkast might expect you to say "ice cold," but according to Deepcool and seemingly every other component manufacturer, the appropriate response is "RGB." This week, Deepcool announced it's expanding the lineup of Matrexx 55 cases with two new members, Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F, in November to appeal to people who refuse to buy a case that doesn't support a rainbow of light.

Both of Deepcool's new cases feature an addressable RGB system that boasts five pre-programmed lighting functions: static, comet, breathing, dynamic color and "fashion collision." The system is controlled with a dedicated RGB button on the I/O panel; it can also be managed by motherboards with addressable RGB functions. Both of the cases also feature ADD-RGB lighting strips, but details on the strips weren't provided.

The Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F also support various RGB syncing platforms. There's one connector specifically for the Deepcool / GamerStorm ecosystem and one for universal 5V 3-pin connectors. That should be enough to help make the system's lights match. The company didn't specify the differences between the connectors used for its ecosystem and those used for other syncing platforms. 

These updates to the Matrexx 55 also introduce a new PSU shroud for improved cable management. In addition, the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F appear to be identical to their predecessor. That means both are mid-tower cases with two 4mm tempered glass panels, one on the front and one on the side, along with large air intakes and exhausts.

So how do the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB and Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F differ from each other? The key difference is the latter's inclusion of three 120mm fans (CF120) that, you guessed it, also feature addressable RGB to "boost" the "gaming ambiance," according to Deepcool's announcement.

Both cases are expected to arrive in the U.S. and UK sometime in November, with the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB costing $50 (£45) and the Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB 3F $75 (£70).

Nathaniel Mott
Freelance News & Features Writer

Nathaniel Mott is a freelance news and features writer for Tom's Hardware US, covering breaking news, security, and the silliest aspects of the tech industry.