Drop-Down Gorgeous: DeepCool Launches Matrexx 70 3F Case

DeepCool launched its Matrexx 70 3F case today, combining the latest tempered glass and RGB trends with the legacy idea of a hanging bracket at the bottom edge of both glass panels. Resistance to dropped panels and broken glass follow the company's  stated “designed for the enjoyment of the assembly process” theme for this case.

The left side panel  of the Matrexx 70 3F is secured at the top with locator pins and screws, but the front panel features a push-button release for easier filter access. DeepCool even has a removable radiator mount for drop-in installation, though its lack of any Type-C top-panel connector, particularly one built to use a motherboard’s second generation header, reminds us that this is still a fairly budget-oriented case. It's currently on pre-order on Newegg until mid-May, with a $110 asking price, although Amazon has it seemingly in stock (direct from DeepCool) for $10 less.

Aside from its glass front and side panel, the Matrexx 70 3F also includes a tempered-glass  power supply cover that’s designed to reflect internal lighting rather than show off the messy cables underneath. And there's plenty of lighting here, with a RGB bar across the PSU compartment and three addressable RGB fans in the front, with connectors for both DeepCool-specific and motherboard-based controllers.

That’s a lot to throw in at this price point, even if the case does have an ordinary steel panel on the right-hand side. We're curious to see how this case performs when we get it on our test bench for a full review.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.