Dell to roll out first AMD desktops tomorrow

New York (NY) - Dell chairman Michael Dell announced during the firm's "Technology Day," held today in New York, that the company will begin offering AMD-based desktop computers starting this Wednesday.

The first two desktops won't be anything exciting for enthusiasts and appear to be targeting the entry-level market. The model C521 will come in simple case with BTX layout that comes with integrated graphics. According to Dell, the system comes with Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition and can be upgraded to up to 4 GB system memory, 500 GB hard disk space. The E521 will offer more configuration flexibility, including more hard drive space, dual optical drives and Dell's data safe technology.

Dell will begin taking orders through its website, Direct stores and via phone tomorrow; the company expects to ship the first built-to-order AMD systems later this week.

Dell's C521 PC

Michael Dell mentioned that AMD has shown an "ability to deliver great products" and has proven that it can offer a "capacity and quality" required by Dell. At least for now, AMD processors won't be available in the firm's higher end systems and the prestigious XPS line of computers. Dell customers who want to see an AMD chip in their enthusiast system will have to continue shopping at Alienware.

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