Microsoft Outs Its Thinnest Keyboard And Mouse Yet

This week, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc updated Blogging Windows with news that the company is launching the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop bundle this spring. Costing $99.95, this bundle includes a compact mouse and a super-thin full-size keyboard with a built-in number pad. The company boasts that this keyboard is the company's thinnest to date.

According to LeBlanc, the keyboard features chiclet-style soft touch keys, media keys for controlling the playback of video and audio files, and Function Keys, such as Search and so forth, to make navigating Windows even easier. Even more, the keyboard will connect to most Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices, including those with Android 4.4, Mac OS 10.10, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows RT 8 and RT 8.1. (Sorry, iOS wasn't on the list.)

"There are magnetics on the battery doors that glide gently into place," LeBlanc reported. "Don't worry, the battery doors are very secure when closed so you don't need to worry about the batteries falling out. And calculated precision was used in every space and depth of each key on the keyboard so that when you're typing it feels just right."

As for the mouse, it's based on Microsoft's BlueTrack Technology, meaning that the peripheral can be used on just about any surface. The mouse is also ambidextrous in design so that lefties aren't left out in the cold. Even more, LeBlanc says that thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology (4.0), the battery life can extend out to six months. Both the keyboard and the mouse provide an LED to indicate when the battery life is getting low.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide the actual thickness of these two devices. However, we know that the keyboard measures 15.32 x 4.41 inches and the mouse measures 2.36 x 4.21 inches, both of which seem to be sleek enough to carry around with a mobile device.

"There are two important takeaways with the new Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop: it's awesome design and that it uses Bluetooth," LeBlanc added. "Its design is all about subtleties and attention to detail (that's why we're calling it "Designer")."

The Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop bundle will be made available in May 2015. In the meantime, customers interested in picking up this keyboard/mouse combo can pre-purchase it right here.

On a related note, Microsoft also revealed this week that the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is now offered in two new colors: Magenta Pink and Cyan Blue. These will be made available on March 19 and cost a mere $14.95. Other colors include Black, Wool Blue, Light Orchid, Pantone Purple and Flame Red.

Microsoft is offering free shipping on both the Designer Bluetooth Desktop bundle and the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850.

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  • ohim
    Thin keyboard i get, thin mouse? How are you suppose to hold it?
  • Vlad Rose
    Guess they're taking a cue from Apple. I guess looks are more important than performance for Microsoft as well now.
  • thundervore
    I personally will not use a mouse unless it has at least 5 buttons. Once you use a 5 button mouse there is no going back.

    Those extra 2 buttons help with browsing soooo much, and even remapping them in different apps.
  • none12345
    Thin keyboard i get. Its not my thing, but at least i get it. Some will like crowded and thin, some wont.

    Thin mouse is utter stupidity. It wont fit your hand properly. Maybe a small childs hand or something...
  • tom10167
    Steve Jobs would be impressed.
  • isen
    the mouse is convenient to bring with your tablet
  • A_J_S_B
    The Mouse is not as thin as you might think and i love the BT combo.
    I'm saying this no matter overall i dislike Micro$oft but this seems a very nice combo.
  • synphul
    I already find $100 for a keyboard too much to swallow, maybe each to their own but chicklet keys on a $100 keyboard? I can sort of understand it for mechanicals, there's more hardware involved. Sounds like an overpriced laptop keyboard :(

    If only ms and apple would branch out and make other things 'lighter and thinner' lmao.
  • Blueberries
    I can understand a thin keyboard-- granted the keys are responsive and not finicky...but what exactly is the point of a thin mouse? I mean really?
  • mrmez
    M$ answer to the new Macbook.
    Get Steve Balmer to sit on everything.