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Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC Upgrade Deal on Steam

Square Enix is offering a deal on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for those who have previously purchased the game on Steam. The Director's Cut will include the main game, along with all three pieces of DLC. 

Those who own the base game and The Missing Link DLC need only to pay $4.99 for the upgrade. Those who own only the base game will have to pay $9.99. (The game in its entirety is $19.99.) 

The Director's Cut will be headed onto Steam on October 22. The game will also launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 for $30 and on Wii U for $50.  

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  • 016ive
    It would have been a lot better if they actually released it with new DLCs. Still, It's one of the greatest games I've ever played :).
  • cats_Paw
    So.... 5 bucks to have the option "not to kill the bosses?" or am i miassing something? a Link?
  • rad666
    11723713 said:
    So.... 5 bucks to have the option "not to kill the bosses?" or am i miassing something? a Link?

    Here are some of the changes and improvements that I can thing of off the top of my head:

    The "Missing Link" DLC is integrated into the game, and no longer stand alone.The Boss fights are better. You still have to kill them (for story purposes), but you can now do it in different ways (via hacking, Stealth, etc). The Boss fight environments have been improved as well.I've heard you can now throw back enemy grenades, but I have not confirmed it.Miscellaneous visual enhancements.
  • fulle
    The Wii U pricing is ridiculous.
  • shin0bi272
    I didnt really like this game to be honest and no DLC is going to save it. The cut scenes were spectacular but the gameplay looked like it could have been done on the quake 3 engine. Plus by the end of the game my guy was so over powered that the last boss was childsplay... Nice story though.