Check Out The PC System Requirements For 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided'

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming in less than two weeks, and Eidos Montréal finally has the PC hardware requirements for the upcoming game:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided RequirementsMinimumRecommended
CPUIntel i3-2100 (3.1 GHz, Sandy Bridge) or AMD equivalentIntel i7-3770K (3.5 GHz, Ivy Bridge)
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480
Storage45 GB55 GB
OSWindows 7.1 SP1 (64-bit)Windows 10 (64-bit)

At first glance, it looks like another set of requirements. However, the studio pointed out that the minimum and recommended storage are different. If you’re just playing the base game, you’ll need 45 GB of space. However, it recommends that you allocate an extra 10 GB for future content. According to the Season Pass description, future content will be a combination of in-game items and “Narrative DLCs” for the price of $29.99.

Prior to release, you’ll also have the opportunity to preload a portion of the game. The session starts on August 19 at 9am PDT.

NameDeus Ex: Mankind Divided
TypeFirst-person shooter, RPG
DeveloperEidos Montreal
PublisherSquare Enix
Release DateAugust 23, 2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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  • BoredSysAdmin
    and now my old mid-tier GPU is now in minimal requirements section... this is sad :( and interesting in same time as while CPU performance practically got frozen in last 5 years or so, GPU had picked up the slack and been steadily marching forward performance wise.
  • captaincharisma
    funny, i am just out of the min requirements with my Radeon HD 7770 lol
  • 3ogdy
    Hey, the real news here, according to the article, is Microsoft plans to release "Windows 7.1". We might see a return to decency, after the elephant excrement Windows 10 is. I wonder why they don't just call it SERVICE PACK 2.