EK-Vector Series Water Blocks for AMD Radeon VII Are Coming

EK has had a busy week when it comes to water blocks. Earlier we saw the new aluminum EK-AC GeForce RTX blocks, and now we're looking at the new EK-Vector Series for the AMD Radeon VII graphics card. Announced today, the EK-Vector Radeon VII is compatible with reference design AMD Radeon VII graphics cards and cools all the necessary components on the Radeon VII with a redesigned cooling engine and larger surface area for additional heat transfer. 

(Image credit: EK)

The vector line is EK's latest generation of high-performance water blocks and uses an open split-flow cooling engine design EK says is a superior solution for GPU water blocks. The new cooling engine is said to have low hydraulic flow restrictions, so it can be used with pumps running on low speed or weaker pumps and still achieve good performance.

The jet plate and fin structure have also been optimized for even flow distribution and minimal losses, even when used in reverse water flow scenarios. With a properly configured loop, the cooler temperatures should allow the power-hungry and hot-running Radeon VII to really stretch its legs as the block directly cools the GPU, all of the HBM2 memory and the VRM

The base of the EK-Vector Radeon VII is made of high-grade copper or nickel-plated electrolytic copper with the top comprised of of acrylic or POM Acetal materials, depending on the model chosen. There are a total of four variants: Copper + Acetal or Copper + Plexi with each having an RGB version. The front corner piece on the card includes an RGB LED strip. The EK blocks are compatible with the major RGB sync technologies, such as ASRock Polychrome, Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light. 

 EK-Vector Radeon VII Water Block Price and Availability

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NameMSRP (incl. VAT)
EK-Vector Radeon VII - Copper + Acetal$139.99/129.90€
EK-Vector Radeon VII - Copper + Plexi$139.99/129.90€
EK-Vector Radeon VII RGB - Copper + Acetal$154.99/144.90€
EK-Vector Radeon VII RGB - Copper + Plexi$154.99/144.90€
EK-Vector Radeon VII Backplate - Black$39.99/36.90€
EK-Vector Radeon VII Backplate - Nickel$49.99/43.90€

The new blocks are available for preorder through the EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller Network. They will start shipping April 1.

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