EKWB's 180-mm EK-CoolStream WE Radiators Are Huge

Water cooling is fun, and big water cooling is even more fun. Big radiators have been available for a while, but now EKWB has released its new crop in three different sizes: 180 mm, 360 mm, and a staggering 540 mm. Put the numbers next to 'standard' 120 mm radiators, and you'll realize that for the same number of fans these radiators have 2.25x the surface area. They are known as the EK-Coolstream WE.

The radiators have all-copper fins, which will provide much higher heat dissipation than aluminum fins. They also have brass chambers, a steel housing with a matte black finish and the standard G1/4" fitting threads for maximum compatibility. Do note that due to their size, odds are that these radiators won't fit in your current PC case, so if you want to buy one of these beastly things, you'll likely have to buy a case with them specifically in mind. 

EKWB also introduced a 180 mm fan, and there aren't too many of these are on the market. It is known as the EK-Fan 180 PWM, and as its name implies, it supports PWM signals to adjust its speed, which can range between 500 and 900 RPM, pushing up to 72 CFM with a static pressure of 1.1 mm of water and up to 22 dBA of noise.

Pricing for the radiators ranges from $80.21 to $135.88, and the fan costs $16.78 per unit. All of the products are available immediately through the EKWB webshop and will be rolling out to its partners over the next few weeks.

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  • DarkSable
    Buy a case? Please. If you're buying these, you're making an external radbox.

    It's _wonderful_ to see some higher-fan size radiators coming to market that actually have good build quality; nothing else that used larger than 140mm fans was particularly well built. Hopefully this will inspire well-made 180mm fans in turn.
  • Ian Mahaney
    My Silver Stone TJ08-e case uses a 180mm fan. I'd like to see how the single 180mm would mount in something like my case and how much clearance is left for cables and the like.
  • taz-nz
    You can fit a 540 radiator in a Silverstone FT02 with only mirror mods to the case, and it comes with three Silverstone AP181 180x180x32mm fans stock, which can push more than enough air for any radiator. The AP182 fans are better but only come in white.