EKWB's Pre-Filled Graphics Blocks Are Here To Join Your Predator

A couple of months ago, EKWB announced the 240 and 360 mm EK-Predator pre-filled liquid CPU coolers, of which the 360 mm unit was expandable. A couple of weeks ago, we shared the details of how they would be expandable, and today the company unleashed the Predator-enabled GPU blocks onto the market.

There are few surprises here – to expand your 360 mm EK-Predator, all you need to do is order the GPU block that fits on your graphics card and select the Predator pre-filled option for it. When you receive the block, you mount it on your graphics card, open up the quick-disconnect couplings on the CPU loop, and plug the GPU block in the middle.

The extra gear included with each Predator-enabled GPU block are two EK-AF Angled 90° G1/4" fittings, two EK-ACF Fitting 10/16mm - Nickel fittings, one quick-disconnect coupling, the required EK-Tube ZMT Matte Black tubing, and clear coolant, all pre-assembled for you.

The below video shows just how simple the process is, although they did conveniently skip over the part that shows the installation of the water block onto the graphics card.

EK-XLC Predator - How to add a QDC enabled water block?

Pricing for converting a standard GPU block to a pre-filled block is $29.99 on top of the cost of the GPU block itself. Prices for the GPU blocks vary from card to card, as some use more, or less, premium material. For example, the nickel-plated blocks generally sell for a little more than blocks with the copper exposed. You can buy them all through EKWB's webshop.

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  • rubix_1011
    It would be highly beneficial to add the details around reference PCB of the graphics cards - they should be pointed to EK's Cooling Configurator link or they should have a method to validate.

    There are so many non-standard PCB designs for GPUs these days and one of the BIGGEST issues we see is a user buying a graphics card first, only to find out there is not a full-cover block available because it does not follow nVidia or AMD reference.
  • thundervore
    I think I just found my next AIO. I was waiting for a company to release a CPU + GPU combo AIO but this is way better!!!

    I am just waiting for EK to release a 280 radiator Predator system, ill get that set on a monoblock (if they ever become predator capable) and a predator GPU block :) :) :).

    By the time im done my water loop will cost as much as the "whatever 80Ti" GPU ill put in but at least ill know it will be top quality lol!.
  • rubix_1011
    I am currently testing the EK Predator 240. It's an incredibly well-built unit.

    You can use any blocks you wish with this system - it uses normal compression fittings, so it can be expandable using standardized watercooling components.