Enermax Case Supports Both Rear-Connected and Standard Motherboards

Enermax Cable Master 20
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Motherboards with rear-facing connectors are all the rage at Computex 2023. We've seen new rear-connector boards from both MSI and Asus and one of Asus's boards even had a special slot for transferring power to an RTX 4070 card without a running a power cable into the visible area of the case.

Cable management is a huge hassle and, no matter what you do with a standard motherboard and case, you end up with the motherboard and GPU power cables obstructing your view of your beautiful RGB motherboard, RAM and cooler. To use a rear-connected motherboard, you need a case that has the right mounts and holes so you can run those power cables behind the board on the rear of your case (which is usually hidden).

Enermax's new Cable Master 20 case is the first chassis we've seen that supports both standard motherboards and those with cables that come out the back. At the company's Computex suite, we had a chance to see the case in person and were impressed with how neatly the cables ran through the back on the sample build which was on display.

Enermax Cable Master 20

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Looking at the sample build, we were impressed by the lack of dangling cables in the visible area of the PC. The case also has two attractive RGB fans under its mesh front and an LED status panel on the front that shows the GPU and CPU temperature along with the time.

The Enermax Cable Master 20 supports mATX or ITX motherboards and has room for up to 360mm radiators on its top or front. Its front panel has both USB Type-A and Type-C ports, a key feature for any case that strives to be among the best PC cases.

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Enermax Cable Master 20
Motherboard TypesITX, Micro ATX
Dimensions446 x 238 x 420 mm
Fan Support Front120mm x 3 / 140mm x2
Fan Support Top120mm x 3 / 140mm x2
Fan Support Rear120mm x 1
GPU clearance390mm
CPU height clearance172mmm
PortsUSB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A) x 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-C) x 1, 3.5mm

There's no word yet on when the Cable Master 20 is coming out and how much it will cost.

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