Enermax Releases LiqFusion AIO Water Cooling Unit With RGB Lighting

Enermax released a new all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling unit called the LiqFusion. Beyond RGB lighting, which adorns the fans and the waterblock, the LiqFusion’s other interesting elements include the built-in flow indicator and tube-mounted pump.

There is so much competition in the hardware market today that many previously unique ideas have become ubiquitous. This is just as true for AIO liquid coolers as it is for gaming mice or mechanical keyboards. When there are few genuinely new ideas left, companies can either rely on their strong brand recognition and history--industry stalwarts like Corsair and NZXT can do this--or they can build something that, although it isn’t entirely new, combines certain niche aspects in a package that is better executed than the competition. Enermax’s LiqFusion fits into the latter category.

Beyond its hilarious name--which is thankfully not printed anywhere on the product itself--the LiqFusion is actually worth more than a passing glance if you’re in the market for an AIO liquid cooler. RGB fans are ubiquitous, but we think T.B. RGB fans, which the LiqFusion includes, are among the coolest looking. We particularly enjoy their Tron-esque, high-contrast aesthetic. It’s slightly unfortunate that the RGB lighting on the waterblock can’t quite replicate the look perfectly. However, the waterblock has its own unique feature--a built-in flow indicator. Of course, such a device isn’t really necessary in AIO coolers, which are supposed to be reliable enough not to require maintenance, but like an exposed movement in a mechanical watch, it does add a certain level of flair to an otherwise unassuming product.

Aesthetics aside, the LiqFusion’s other interesting aspect is its pump. Perhaps it was Enermax’s priority to place a flow indicator at the spot that is normally occupied by the pump because the LiqFusion’s pump is in-line with the tubing. Specifically, the pump is attached just past the ports of the radiator, and it looks like a small cylinder. Opinions will vary, but we’re not opposed to the look. Although the pump is small, it does stand to impede cable routing and will restrict tube routing.

Finally, getting back to what we said about executing better than your competitors, Enermax has made the LiqFusion compatible with all motherboard OEMs’ lighting ecosystems. For those without a capable motherboard, the Enermax also provides a standalone RGB controller with 14 pre-programmed settings. When it comes to RGB control, some companies go all-out and build their own ecosystem, whereas some just throw a pre-programmed controller into their products to check the RGB checkbox. Having both options is definitely preferable.

The Enermax LiqFusion is arriving in April at Newegg for $120.

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ProductEnermax LiqFusion
Pump Height51mm (waterblock height)
ControllerRGB control from motherboard or standalone RGB controller
Cooling Fans2 x 120mm (Enermax T.B. RGB)
Connectors4-Pin PWM, 4-Pin RGB
Intel SocketsLGA 2066, 2011-3, 2011, 1366, 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, 775
AMD SocketsAM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1
Warranty2 Years
  • DragonAstaXiel
    seems like a :fair: price for what the product is, but then again, 2 year warranty is mehh at best, if they fans etc were so much better quality as they often claim should be a minimum of 3 years ^.^

    why can no one seem to put an at most $60-$65 (Canadian) halfway decent liquid cooler on the market (would be far excellent if they made a refillable one)

    or for that matter, why not one that uses extra long heatpipes instead of direct liquid, am sure it would not be that difficult to make one where the "rad" is able to have more liquid capacity and you can use whatever flexible pipe is needed between the rad and the actual metal heatsink so we could get a liquid cooling performance as well as ability of "air" over temperature sensitive motherboard, which is where nearly all liquid coolers fall flat on face because they can run cpu so much quicker but allow very little air over the now hotter running parts.