EVGA Teases ACX 2.0 GPU Cooler

New graphics cards are always exciting, and along with new graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD we often find the AIB partners also preparing new coolers. EVGA is the latest to tease its new solution, which the company dubbed the ACX 2.0.

Perhaps the ACX 2.0 isn't particularly compelling at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you'd see that EVGA used thicker heat pipes than on the cooler's predecessor, and more importantly, the fan blade structure is different. In a teaser video, EVGA did not show the fan blades spinning, but that might be to avoid revealing the big secret. Have a peek at the fan blades, though, and you might see that they mirror the shape most commonly found on fans, suggesting that EVGA might have adopted a reverse air-flow design. Again, we are not sure about it, but it is possible.

From the teaser video we can also see that EVGA opted for ball bearings with the fans.

At this time, we don’t really know more about the cooler. EVGA did claim that it will be the world’s most efficient air cooler, so we are hoping for noteworthy improvement in thermals. Chances are that we’ll be seeing these on Nvidia’s next generation of graphics cards, which if the rumors are correct will be a lot more efficient and thus generate less heat. Combine that with a more efficient cooler and we’ll likely be seeing some very cool and quiet graphics cards.

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  • M0j0jojo
    hmm..as long as the GPU can be overclocked with this new design im for it.
  • DarkSable
    Could be awesome, but to be honest...

    I would actually rather have the stock cooler. A cooler that is QUIET when it handles a 250w card, that blows the hot air out the back of the case, that's been put on a 165-180w card? Yes please! That's pretty much a dream for a small form factor builder like myself.
  • tom10167
    I'm completely bored of the "teases" and rumors now. It's now just a video card to me. Release the damn thing already or shut up about it.