EVGA Announces Six Nvidia GeForce GT 710 GPUs

EVGA released six new Nvidia GeForce GT 710 graphics cards. The core specifications of the GPUs are identical, but these six GT 710 variants are available with 1 or 2 GB of DDR3 memory, single or dual slot size, and passive or active cooling.

The EVGA GeForce GT 710s all feature the same 192 CUDA cores with a base clock of 954 MHz running over a 64-bit PCI-e 2.0 bus with a memory bandwidth of 14.4 GB/s. Three of the graphics cards sport 1 GB of DDR3; three of the GPUs have 2 GB of memory.

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Part NumberMemoryCard Design/CoolingDisplay OutputPrice
01G-P3-27101024 MB DDR3Dual Slot/PassiveDVI, HDMI, VGA$42.99
01G-P3-27111024 MB DDR3Low Profile/Single SlotDVI, HDMI, VGA$42.99
02G-P3-27122048 MB DDR3Dual Slot/PassiveDVI, HDMI, VGA$49.99
02G-P3-27132048 MB DDR3Low Profile/Single SlotDVI, HDMI, VGA$49.99
01G-P3-27161024 MB DDR3Full Height/Single SlotDual DVI, mHDMI$46.99
02G-P3-27172048 MB DDR3Full Height/Single SlotDual DVI, mHDMI$54.99

Each of the 1 and 2 GB versions use one of three different PCB designs: a full-height, single-slot, dual-DVI card; a low-profile, single-slot GPU; and a dual-slot, passively-cooled GT 710.

The EVGA GeForce GT 710 models featuring the fan-less heat sink may appear to only use one PCI slot, but the massive chunk of metal cooling the GPU is too large to consider this a single-slot graphics card. The extra width is the price to pay for a heat sink with enough heat dissipation to forgo the use of a fan.

The 1 and 2 GB versions of the dual DVI port-bearing GT 710s appear almost as tall as they are long, and they are the only models that don't come with low-profile mounting brackets. The heat sink covers the entirety of the PCB, giving it a somewhat sleeker look compared to EVGA's alternative designs.

With only a few dollars separating the 1 GB and 2 GB versions, it seems silly not spend the extra premium (if you can call it that) for a 2 GB model. However, if you are on an extremely tight budget where every penny counts and you want a discrete graphics card that, according to EVGA, doubles the performance of Intel HD Graphics, the 1 GB cards could be the choices to consider.

The EVGA GeForce GT 710 graphics cards are mostly for sale now on the company's website, but the variants with part numbers ending in 2717, 2716 and 2712 are not available yet. However, EVGA can auto-notify you when they are ready.

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Derek Forrest
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  • getochkn
    They are so cute. I want one just because it looks so pro and high end, yet so little. lol.
  • Rookie_MIB
    Those might be nice to drop into a server of sorts which tend to have less than stellar graphics, but they're priced about $20.00 too high. :-/

    I've got an Asus 2U and a P7F-X board (VERY nice server BTW) but it came with some crappy XGI graphics which are horrifically slow. Considering it's running a bunch of support VMs, it's also running Win 7 Pro, and anything would be better than what it came with.
  • TechyInAZ
    Wow, THOSE THINGS ARE TINY!!! That's pretty sweet!
  • toddybody
    Wondering how they would do as dedicated PhysX cards. Still prob better to look for a discounted GT 750
  • blazorthon
    I don't think they're strong enough to be used as dedicated PhysX cards xD
  • rostrow416
    Is this even news?
  • jaber2
    I don't see the point, please explain why I would need a video card when my mother board comes with one.
  • lutel
    There is market gap for single slot cards. We had 750TI RAZOR from Galaxy for a while, now it is discontinued. I hope I'll get one second hand.
  • Gam3r01
    I think my wifi card is larger than those two low profile cards....
  • mamasan2000
    There is market gap for single slot cards. We had 750TI RAZOR from Galaxy for a while, now it is discontinued. I hope I'll get one second hand.

    "6 versions of the same card"-type of market gap? I'm not buying it.