Get Spider-Man Remastered Free With Purchase of High-End Nvidia GPU

Nvidia Spider-Man bundle
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The Spider-Man Remastered port for PCs made a big splash earlier in the year. Now Nvidia is hoping to shrink its stockpile of GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs with the help of the game's popularity. 

The popular PlayStation title has been thoughtfully ported to PCs and is “loaded with ray-traced effects and performance-accelerating Nvidia DLSS,” so it seems like a pretty good candidate for green-team bundling. However, you will have to pay for a pretty high-end GeForce Ampere card (RTX 3080 or better) to qualify for this free web-slinging title. 

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Nvidia’s Spider-Man Remastered bundle promotion starts today and runs until October 12, which is a relatively short lifespan for a bundle — though, as usual, you will get an extra month after the promo ends to get your code redeemed. One of the good things about this bundle is that Sony released Spider-Man Remastered on PC nearly a month ago, so there will be no need to wait around to claim and redeem your code (or forget to do so).

This single-game bundle requires a high-end RTX 30 series GPU purchase. It isn’t limited to discrete desktop GPU purchases, though: Nvidia writes the bundle is “valid on select GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, 3090, 3080 Ti, 3080 desktop, laptop, or GPU” products.

This is a worldwide promotion (excluding China, Macau, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba). In North American you can buy from retail partners such as Amazon US, B&H Photo, Best Buy CA, Canada Computers, Microcenter, Newegg US, and Newegg CA. Please note that the brand and platform partners are as follows: ASI CA, ASUS, AVADirect, Corsair, CyberpowerPC, Cybertron, Dell, Digital Storm, Falcon NW, iBuypower, Maingear, MSI, NZXT, Origin PC, Razer, Steiger, Synnex CA, Velocity Micro, Xidax, Xotic PC, and Zotac.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

In its blog about the Spider-Man Remastered bundle, Nvidia shared some performance figures for graphics cards dating back to the RTX 2060, with DLSS on and off. 

But for a more thorough analysis of the game’s PC performance, take a look at our extensive Spider-Man Remastered performance and settings analysis using a number of Nvidia and AMD GPUs (it supports FSR 2.0 too) at various resolutions and quality settings. It was noted that, upon release, this game showed its Nvidia promotional partnership pedigree by performing better than expected on green team hardware.

GPU Bundling Activity Growing

With the well-documented price decreases we are seeing across the GPU landscape, there has been a flurry of bundling activity. Only yesterday we reported on Intel Arc getting into the bundling game — with GPUs that haven’t even been released yet. In case you missed it, AMD’s Radeon Raise The Game bundles are also still live until Saturday.

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  • Ruud.Schmitz
    High end... For how long ? The cleaning up the warehouses. The 4060 presumably performs better than the 3080 so your high end in a month or so is medicore at best 😉
  • webdevsam
    So apparently, the Nvidia branded RTX 3090 Ti at Bestbuy does not qualify for the Spider-man promotion.