Google's Tilt Brush Heads To Viveport

Google just keeps expanding Tilt Brush to new platforms. Originally available exclusively through Steam VR, the unique artistic tool first moved over to the Oculus Store in February, and now it's also spread to the Viveport platform HTC introduced to make it easier to find apps for the Vive HMD.

Tilt Brush is best described as a VR painting app. But instead of being limited to just two planes, like you would be with traditional paint, you're free to create 3D art via your HMD of choice's motion controls. You can also change the lighting, use special effects, and take advantage of other features that help Tilt Brush combine ease of use with plenty of flexibility. And if you like your creation, you can save it for use in other VR software.

HTC said in today's announcement that Tilt Brush will also be available as part of the Viveport Subscription. That service debuted in April to make experimenting with VR software a little bit cheaper by offering access to five apps in exchange for $7 per month. You can use the same apps each month if you find something you like, or you can swap them out to evaluate other apps without having to purchase them at full price.

Not everyone will benefit from Tilt Brush's inclusion in the Viveport Subscription. Much like Arcade Saga, one of the games added to the service this month, some Vive owners already received Tilt Brush for free. This app was included as a pre-order bonus, however, so there's a good chance that many Vive owners missed out on the offer. (Especially if they didn't buy one until HTC offered special financing or bundled it with other products.)

You can find out more about Tilt Brush on Viveport--or add it to your Viveport Subscription--on the platform's website. The app is also available from Steam VR and the Oculus Store for $20; that's $10 less than it cost when it first expanded to the Oculus Rift in February.

Nathaniel Mott
Freelance News & Features Writer

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