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Report: Horizon Zero Dawn for PC Listed on Amazon

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Sony might be cozying up to PC gamers. ResetEra user "Stygr" today shared a listing from Amazon France that leaked a version of Horizon Zero Dawn for Windows.

Horizon Zero Dawn debuted in 2017 as a PlayStation 4 (PS4) exclusive developed by Guerrilla Games, which previously made the Killzone series for PlayStation consoles, and published by Sony. Making the jump to PC could signal that Sony plans to give PlayStation exclusives another shot at life on additional platforms after launch.

That would be a notable change in approach for Sony. It's one thing for Microsoft to release Xbox games on PC; the company owns both platforms, so it benefits either way. Sony allowing people to play a game that it published on something other than a PlayStation is different because it could have an effect on console sales.

Sony has become more open to supporting other platforms in recent years, however. PS4 owners can already play their games on other devices using PS4 Remote Play, for example, and in September 2018 Sony did an about-face on allowing cross-platform play with owners of other consoles after public backlash.

We'll have to wait to find out more, because the listing shared by Stygr is no longer available. It's too bad coronavirus fears has already caused Sony to pull out of some announcement-worthy events this year.