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AOC's Agon AG273QZ 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Will Be One of the Fastest Around

(Image credit: AOC)

AOC is introducing its Agon AG273QZ (opens in new tab), a gaming monitor (opens in new tab) with a wicked-fast refresh rate and very speedy response times. With 240 Hz and a moving pixel response time of just 0.5ms, this should be one of the fastest gaming displays out there.

The 27-inch panel is a 1440p (opens in new tab)resolution TN (opens in new tab), so  you'll be sacrificing some color and contrast quality in exchange for the very fast gaming performance. Of course, if you're a competitive gamer, faster response times are more important than accurate colors. 

Nevertheless, color reproduction is actually quite respectable for a fast TN gaming monitor such as this, covering 126.4% of the sRGB color space and 93.7% of AdobeRGB. It also supports HDR (opens in new tab)content, and is certified to hit at least 400 nits brightness with such media.

AOC packed the display with AMD Freesync Premium Pro (opens in new tab), meaning you're getting the most premium type of FreeSync out there. 

(Image credit: AOC)

The back of the monitor features RGB lighting, and the stand supports height adjustments as well as tilting, swiveling and pivoting to portrait. The sides of the monitor have holders that pop out for you to rest your best gaming headset (opens in new tab) or headphones. (opens in new tab) reports that MSRP pricing sits at €769, which translates to about $830. The display is currently available on pre-order in Europe and will likely hit shelves in the U.S. soon, too. 

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.