HP Refreshes Pavilion and Envy Notebooks at Computex

HP is on a roll today. The company has announced an Android-powered laptop as well as two new convertible notebooks and a new Chromebook 11, but it’s not finished. HP is also showing off a host of Envy and Pavilion PCs.

First up is the Pavilion line available in 14-, 15.6-, and 17.3-inch variations. All three flavors now have the option for AMD’s A10/A8/A8/A4/E2 CPUs as well as Intel’s Core i3 to Core i7 CPUs. There’s also a max of 12 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and Beats Audio. That last part is moderately interesting in that it’s a brand new addition to the Pavilion line but Beats is no longer owned by HP. Obviously the company still sees some value in slapping Beats-branded audio on its laptops. However, we’re not sure how the Apple acquisition will affect any future Beats-enhanced products from HP or anyone else. When we spoke to HP on the phone, the company talked in a bit more detail about the 15-inch Pavilion, explaining that it features a unibody design fashioned from plastic and will be available in multiple colors, but the company hasn't released any pictures of these machines (we'll try and get some for you and update when we have them).

The new Envys are also available in 14-, 15.6- and 17.3-inch variations (with or without support for touch), but these notebooks are all Intel-powered, with options for either Core i5 or Core i7. Processor aside, you’re looking at Nvidia GTX graphics, up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1.5 TB of HDD storage. HP didn’t provide too much else in the way of details, but it we know that these machines have a metal finish and a ‘premium look and feel,’ which makes sense since Envy is second only to HP’s Spectre line when you consider positioning across the portfolio.

On the all-in-one side of things, HP's Envy 23 runs on Intel’s Core i-series of processors (again, Core i3 to Core i7) as well as up to 16 GB of RAM, and up to 1 TB of storage. If there’s a standout feature here, it’s the Beats Audio, as HP has gone as far as to call this one the HP Envy All-in-One PC Beats and the PC has got quad speakers and quad subwoofers. The whole thing is topped off with a brilliant red finish that no doubt could be described as 'Beats red.'

The all-in-one starts at $999, while the Pavilion line starts at $429 and the Envy line starts at $849. Stay tuned for pictures!

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  • thomaseron
    So.. No AMD graphics in the Envy-line? That sucks... (at least for me)
  • shogunofharlom
    So.. No AMD graphics in the Envy-line? That sucks... (at least for me)

    HP is the only company that really builds quality AMD laptops in a variety of lineups ... sad to see the ENVY line will not have an AMD APU. I have an Envy 15z with the A10. It is a great machine and a great value. Very sad to see that basically every AMD laptop will be a plastic hunk of junk.
  • Wisecracker
    That's too bad. HP (for me, at least) has always been mod-friendly with no upgrade issues ... from E-350s to Temash touchscreens and Richland mobiles - on both Win 7 & 8

    'Ultrabook' zoom at half-price. I wonder if that had anything to do with it ??