HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Deal UK

The Cloud IIs certainly hold their own when it comes to high-end gaming audio

HyperX’s Legendary Cloud II Gunmetal Headset is on sale for £60 in the UK

When it comes to finding a solid gaming headset deal, there’s few better out there than HyperX’s Cloud II. Although now pushing four years old, these world renowned cans are well known for their impeccable audio reproduction, stylish looks and comfort, they’ve won more awards than the Lord of the Rings has won oscars. It’s that audio that’s the key here, with a frequency response peaking just above the standard human hearing at 15 Hz - 25 kHz, and powered by a set of 53mm neodymium dynamic drivers, they’re perfect at creating crystal clear sound without cutting off any of the upper and lower frequencies off those notes. Whether it’s music, films or that latest AAA title, the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset won’t disappoint on PC, Mobile, or any console you throw at them.

  • Pick up the Gunmetal Cloud IIs at Amazon.co.uk for just £60 (£25 / 30% off RRP).

So how did HyperX land on this design to begin with? Well it all comes down to a fantastic heritage founded with the launch of the original Clouds. Back in the early 2010s Kingston approached a small Swedish company called QPad, and asked to partner with them in the creation of its own gaming headset. QPad obliged, and used its already award winning QH90 headset design as the basis for the original Cloud. Kingston added its HyperX branding, tweaked the packaging, and a few other details, and then sold the headset far below the standard price of the QH90s. Although that may sound insane given the quality of these headphones it allowed Kingston to develop its HyperX brand into the separate entity we know it as today. Soon after that the HyperX Cloud IIs followed, an in-built in-line sound card, adding in-line volume control, 7.1 audio, and USB support as well, followed by the refreshed Cloud Alpha gaming headset last year.

The Cloud IIs top headband is more than padded, ideal for long gaming sessions.


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Driver Type53mm Dynamic Neodymium
Impedance60 Ohms
Frequency Response15 Hz - 25 kHz
Design StyleClosed Back
Microphone TypeRemovable Condenser (back electret)
ConnectivityUSB / 3.5mm
Weight350g with Microphone
Cord Length1M + 2 USB Extension


But wait there’s more. Just kidding. But if those leather ear cups aren’t your thing this bad boy also comes with velour cloth models instead. There’s also an airline adapter (making these ideal for travel with their closed back, leather design), and a carry case for them as well.

Ultimately it really is hard to pick fault with HyperX’s Cloud II. It’s a headset that holds so much weight within the community with such a grand reputation, that they’re the most recommended headset out there. Hell, we’ve even bought these as gifts for family and friends alike. It might not hold the same sales figures as the impressive Razer Kraken does, but honestly in this reviewer’s humble opinion, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, especially for £60.

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