iExpander Case Boosts iPhone Memory, Camera and Battery

As popular as the iPhone is, there has always been one problem with every generation that Android users are quick to bring up: Since the first generation of iPhone, Apple has skipped out on the microSD expansion slot many of its Android competitors have. Without the possibility of expansion of memory, users with lots of data are forced to pay a premium for the higher capacity models.Now, thanks to Kickstarter designer Charlie Corry, they might not have to. The iExpander case for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 is an all-in-one solution that addresses many of your iPhone's flaws. Like any smartphone, the iPhone can run into battery issues for heavy users, so the iExpander has another battery built in for some extra juice.

iExpander iPhone Case

Although it has since been corrected, older iPhones also lacked an LED flash for lowlight photography. The iExpander takes care of that issue as well, with a high powered LED flash. Most importantly, the iExpander brings along the microSD slot that has eluded the iPhone for generations, finally giving iPhone users the option for expandable memory.

Additionally, the iPhone 5 model also features a built in lightning-to-30-pin adapter, letting you use all of the iPhone accessories you already spent hard earned cash on. With 24 days left to go, the project has achieved $47,281 towards its $125,000 goal. If it does get funded, a contribution of $75 or more will get you your very own iExpander in white or black.


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  • lahawzel
    I kinda wish manufacturers would start releasing more bulky phones. What's the point of slimming down the design if people end up wrapping it in a huge case to get features that you skimped out on to make it small anyway?

    (Worse yet, I see people walking around with huge iPhone cases that do nothing other than physical protection, just because of how fragile the product is. What the hell? I remember dropping my old phones down a flight of stairs when I tripped and it didn't even get dented. Why can't new electronics be more durable? Apple, you're already charging people $849 for $230 worth of parts, the vast majority of which isn't even attributable the mechanical packaging. Make your damn phones more durable or some shit.)
    skimped out battery and sd slot got nothing to do with slimming down desgin. but got everything to do with pushing new product. without sd slot the only for you to have bigger storage is pay 4x more then sd cost. same with battery, all battery got recharge limit. once it ran out only thing you could do is pay 100 buck replace the battery or better yet.. upgrade the phone.
    i do agree large case for protection make the slimming smart phone pointless.. but no one force you to use it.
  • alexthager
    I've owned a few flip phones, a Moto Droid, an iPhone 4, and an iPhone 5, yet I've never once purchased a case. I wholeheartedly agree that buying an iPhone with a case is ironic, because one of reasons I like the phone is because iPhone's are quite portable.