iBuypower shows off nearly indestructible computer case

Monterey Park (CA) - Most computer cases are fairly flimsy contraptions of sheet metal and aluminum, but iBuypower is developing a new case that promises to be much tougher. Its case, aptly code-named the "Tank", is constructed from welded aluminum that, according to Darren Su of iBuypower, can withstand the weight of a 300 pound man, and survive a fall out from a third story window.

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Su gave TG Daily a close-up look at two prototype cases, one silver and one black, at iBuypower's offices in Monterey Park. He said all its seams were professionally welded in China. Su invited our cameraman Max Wilson and Tom's Hardware Guide Managing Editor Patrick Schmid to stand on the prototypes. Luckily for Wilson and Schmid, the cases did not crumple.

Standing on a case for a few seconds is a fairly tame test, so we shot a video interview with Schmid and Su standing on the case the entire time. The Tank case survived the several minute shoot, and even withstood Schmid jumping up and down on it. You can see the edited and shortened version of the video by clicking the video link.

Su promised the case would be available in a few months, but did not have any specific pricing information.

  • V3NOM
    well yeah the case can probably withstand a 3 story fall... but what about the other components *crack*