Imagination Unveils New PowerVR SDK With Vulkan Support

Imagination made official what we got a taste of yesterday, a new version of its PowerVR SDK with support for Vulkan, one of the key software technologies that will drive game development over the next few years.

The new PowerVR V4.1 Graphics SDK contains a number of documents and new functions to assist in your development of Vulkan-based games. The SDK also includes Imagination’s PowerVR Framework, which can be used for designing cross-platform game engines for multiple APIs.

The SDK offers support for desktop GPUs, as well. A video published by the company demonstrated the rich graphical power of the new SDK.

Other companies have also been working to extend Vulkan support to their products. AMD recently released its Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3 driver that added Vulkan support, and Kishonti used Vulkan in its GFXBench 5.0 software.

The SDK will be distributed free of charge under an MIT license. When it is released later this year, it will be available on Android, Linux and Windows operating systems.

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