In Win 904 Mid-Tower Aluminum Case Unveiled

The In Win 904 case is constructed out of one piece of brushed aluminum alloy. Its side panels are made entirely of tinted glass, which makes them actually more like side "windows." The construction features interesting design elements, such as a hanging aluminum back cover that offers a lot of clearance for different cooling options.

Along the side of the case we find standard media I/O that includes 4x USB 3.0 and audio jacks. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this case is the hidden 5.25" drive bay in the front-base of the chassis. As a result, there are three 3.5-inch/2.5-inch vertical drive bays in the interior where 5.25-inch drive bays are usually found.

A few other features include ATX motherboard support, magnetic dust filters, support for graphics cards up to 360 mm in length, as well as several cutouts for cable management.

The In Win 904 is expected to be approximately 179.90 Euro. For more information, visit the In Win 904 product page.

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  • UVB076
    Dear Santa...
  • yeungl
    Where is the ports back panel? Where are 5"1/2" bays? Where are the front audio/usb port?
  • robax91
    I really like the tinted side window look. Not for that price though...