Use this Code to Get Intel's 1TB 660p NVMe SSD for $85

Intel's SSD 660p NVMe drive is back at its all-time low price. Today, if you use code EMCTDVC22 to get $10 off, Newegg has it for $85 ($95 without code). For those keeping track at home, that's 8.5 cents per gigabyte.

We've reviewed the Intel SSD 660p and can say that, aside from its price, there's nothing cheap about this drive. This NVMe drive uses 64-layer QLC flash memory to achieve an affordable, high density of storage while buffering data in a high-speed, 12GB SLC cache.

On our tests, the Intel SSD 660p kept pace with much more expensive drives like the Samsung 970 Pro and the Toshiba OCZ RD400. It achieved strong read and write transfer rates of 1,898 MBps and 1,596 MBps respectively while loading a Final Fantasy XIV game scene in 21.38 seconds, only 1.2 to 0.85 seconds less than Samsung and Toshiba's offerings.

A great choice for laptop users, the Intel SSD 660p uses less idle power than any of its competitors and achieves a higher MBps per watt than all but one of its competitors. So it won't drag your battery life down. For more recommendations, see our list of Best SSDs overall.

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  • redgarl
    I was impressed by the price... and disgust by the performance of this drive. Don't touch this with a 10 feet pole. This drive choke at the minute you fill it up.
  • mdd1963
    Darn good deal!!!
  • maddogfargo
    I was thinking about it, but then recalled the many recent Intel security issues/patches. Decided not to buy.