Intel Arc A580 Listed on AliExpress for $336

Intel Arc A550
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A listing for an Intel Arc A580 graphics card has appeared on the AliExpress e-commerce site, as spotted by Redditor Correct_Activity_449. It appears that someone is trying to sell this curiously rare GPU for over $330. At the time of writing 20+ units were available to purchase. However we would be cautious as the listing uses stock product images and in its first year of trading it is rating lower than its contemporaries. Caveat emptor!

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Things are certainly heating up with regard to the long-lost Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics card. There had been radio silence about this SKU for almost a year, but a few weeks ago we saw some purported benchmarks (GFXBench), with another set of benchmarks (Geekbench) emerging last week.

Intel first announced the Arc A580 desktop graphics card alongside now well-known SKUs like the A380, A750 and A770 last September. Some might have seen the A580 as a sweet-spot value option in the Arc line-up, but we have seen the likes of the A750 and A770 prices slide so much, one questions what sticker price the A580 could be successful at in Q3 2023. We don’t think this opportunist $335.99 listing will translate to mainstream US retail pricing, when or if this card hits the prime time. The A580 won’t spark a swell of interest if it is listed for over, say, $150, as the A750 can be had for $200-ish.

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The key specs of the Arc A580 are shown above. For some performance expectations check out our coverage of the benchmarking leaks. Alternatively, you can muse over our reviews of the Intel Arc A750 and A770 and lop about a quarter or a third off the performance numbers, respectively, going by Xe Engine spec reductions. The A580 is clocked slower that its bigger brothers, but a bit of tinkering might be able to fix that if the cooler it ships with is capable enough. With its lower TDP, there’s a chance we might see smaller cards from Intel partners if/when the A580 launches.

Intel Arc graphics card listing on AliExpress

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Last but not least, we see that the AilExpress listing also offers an Arc A310, which wasn’t mentioned by Intel on the big Arc launch day last year, but went official shortly afterwards. We haven't seen much of it since, though. Again, that the retail listing shares no actual product images is a disappointment, as Arc A310 cards can come in some desirably tiny form factors. It is probably mistakenly listed as an 8 GB product, it should be 4 GB. The AliExpress listed Arc A310’s price is also ridiculous at $299.99.

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  • scottslayer
    This is horrible deal when the A770 was dumped in China and Japan for $300 and under earlier this year.