Intel Comet Lake-S 10-Core CPU Benchmarks Surface

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Fresh benchmarks for Intel's 10th-Generation Comet Lake-S (CML-S) processors have started to appeared in the Geekbench 4 database. The results reveal the chips' core (opens in new tab)counts, L2 and L3 cache (opens in new tab), as well as the preliminary base and boost clocks (opens in new tab). But as always, it's wise to take these with a some grains of salt, since they are submissions of unreleased hardware. 

As a quick refresher, Comet Lake-S will replace Intel's current Coffee Lake Refresh lineup. The upcoming Comet Lake-S chips continue to hail from Intel's 14nm process node. However, they're likely to be based on an improved 14nm+++ process. Comet Lake-S is also expected to bring higher core counts and more cache.

Starting with what we assume is the flagship part, the unidentified Comet Lake-S processor will apparently come rocking 10 cores and 20 threads (opens in new tab). It seemingly has 640KB of L1 cache, 2.5MB of L2 cache and 20MB of L3 cache. Geekbench 4 lists the processor with a 1.51 GHz base clock and 3.19 GHz boost clock.

The other unknown Comet Lake-S part is said to sport six cores and 12 threads, plus 384KB of L1 cache, 1.5MB of L2 cache and 12MB of L3 cache. Geekbench 4 identified the chip as having a 1.99 GHz base clock and 2.89 GHz boost clock.

According to Geekbench 4's report, both Comet Lake-S processors are equipped with Intel's UHD Graphics 630, which is the same iGPU (integrated graphics processing unit) that debuted with the chipmaker's Coffee Lake family. It's perplexing that Geekbench 4 only detects 23 EUs (execution units) for both Comet Lake-S parts when the UHD Graphics 630 is known to offer up to 24 EUs. When it comes to speeds, the 10-core chip's iGPU is clocked at 1.2 GHz, while the six-core is confined to 1.15 GHz.

AMD has already landed the first blow with its third-generation Ryzen desktop processors that maxes out at 16 cores with the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (opens in new tab). Obviously, Intel would be at a disadvantage core-wise if Comet Lake-S arrives topping out at just 10 cores, as rumored. So, It'll be interesting to see how Intel ends up responding. 

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