Rumored Intel Core i3-9100F CPU Specs Surface

New SiSoftware entries seem to reveal specs regarding the expected 9th generation Intel Core i3-9100F, a processor Intel has yet to announce but is anticipated to lack integrated graphics (due to the "F" suffix) and be quad-core and entry-level. 

(Image credit: SiSoftware)

The Intel Core i3-9100F is a pretty intriguing processor. For starters, it's the only 9th generation chip made on the 14nm++ process that isn't currently listed on Intel's ARK database of its processors. Therefore, some of its specifications are unconfirmed. Interestingly, the Intel Core i3-8100F is no longer on the ARK, so it's possible that Intel might have killed the chip in favor of the Intel Core i3-9100F.

Being a member of the wave of Coffee Lake Refresh (CFL-R) processors, the Intel Core i3-9100 (and 9100F without integrated graphics) is based on the Coffee Lake processor microarchitecture and built with Intel's third-generation 14nm++ manufacturing process. The Intel Core i3-9100 will use a quad-core configuration without Hyper-Threading. It's expected to feature 6MB of L3 cache, 16 PCIe lanes, support up to 64GB of dual-channel DDR4-2400 memory modules and a 65W TDP (thermal design power). However, things get confusing when it comes to the processor's clock speeds.

(Image credit: Dell)

According to initial rumors, the Intel Core i3-9100 allegedly have a 3.7GHz base clock and won't use Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which is similar to its predecessor, the Intel Core i3-8100. However, a Dell listing (above) contradicts the rumors by listing the Intel Core i3-9100's with a 4.2GHz boost clock. Meanwhile, the recent SiSoftware entries say the Intel Core i3-9100F has a 3.6GHz base clock.

The Intel Core i3-9100F lacks integrated graphics. As a result, users will not have the Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics processor at their disposal and need to pair the chip with a discrete graphics card. Intel told us recently that the Core i3 "F" parts will come with pTIM (polymer thermal interface material) instead of sTIM (solder thermal interface material). This isn't such a deal breaker with entry-level parts with locked multipliers.

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  • Giroro
    A low-end i3 without integrated graphics is going to face some pretty stiff competition from Ryzen 2200G/2400G.
    I don't think it would be a very popular product it was clocked at the i3-8100's 3.6GHz (which has performance very similar to 2200G for more money).
    3.7GHz wouldn't even be a 3% increase. So if there's no boost clock or hyper-threading then i don't really see much of a market for something like that.
  • spentshells
    I have to agree with ya G.

    The price being asked for this chip and it's predecessor does t add up. 1300x seems like an easy choice over this. And a more affordable platform.
  • jasonelmore
    no price is mentioned that I can see.
  • mischon123
    Leftover-most-defective-chip-of-all-time-award? A LMDCOATA.
  • michaelpublic2019
    Makes no sense without onboard graphics.
  • mahonj
    If it has no integrated graphics, it must be for servers or something like that, not desktop PCs.
  • mischon123
    21754301 said:
    If it has no integrated graphics, it must be for servers or something like that, not desktop PCs.

    Its a broken i7 with a broken graphics engine that could not reach the baseline mhz.
    Its one step from the trash can.

    Intel seems to make a large amount of 95% disabled i chips. That is what you pay Intel for.
    The lowest quality level I would go for - and I do this - is:
    As an example:
    A R1800x is a fully functioning die that reaches its intended mhz. Its half the price of a 16 core TR with is made of two fully functioning dies. This means I get TR quality pass specs which again is Epyc quality pass check. QS is quality top down.

    Everything below is compromised, one way or the other.
    The conclusion: Buy the cheapest chip that has passed the higher bracket chips QS. That is possible since there are now two or more chiplets that have to pass QS. The silicon lottery is now in favor of the consumer.

    Cheez, sometimes I surprise myself at how my brain connects seemingly irrelevant dots into something very relevant. Fun.

  • urbanman2004
    And in typical Intel fashion this processor will cost the same price as its counterpart w/ integrated graphics, smh.
  • paul prochnow
    I say the "F" model is a $60.00 unit unless it is 4Ghz idle and 5Ghz turbo. So not hot with a small
    Onboard Cache.C

    Bound to the boy.gamer.set bargIn.bin!
  • littleleo
    Pay the same or more for less, what a great deal from Intel. They are really giving Nvidia a run for its money on the dumbest pricing, and marketing of new products.