Intel's Comet Lake Core i7-10700 Processor Just Dropped Below $290

Intel Core i7-10700
(Image credit: Best Buy)

Update 10/15/20: This deal has expired and/or is out of stock. Please head to our Prime Day Tech Hub for the latest deals.

Intel might be behind on its process nodes and architecture, but you can't beat it for reliability, so we won't blame you for being most comfortable sticking with team blue. Just now, the Core i7-10700 processor dropped to $290 at Best Buy, down from its previous price of $318, making it a great chip to pair with your Z490 motherboard. It's not from Amazon, but this is still one of the best Prime Day tech deals right now.

The Core i7-10700 features the same internal layout as the last-gen Core i9-9900, packing 8 cores, 16 threads, and 16 MB of L3 cache. With a base clock of 2.9 GHz and a boost clock of 4.8 GHz, this chip will perform as well a the best gaming processors money can buy. 

8-Core 16-Thread Intel Core i7-10700 CPU: Was $370, Now $290

8-Core 16-Thread Intel Core i7-10700 CPU: Was $370, Now $290
Intel's Core i7-10700 processor features 8 cores and 16 threads, and is a great CPU option for those that need a placeholder chip until Intel's Rocket Lake CPUs arrive.

Of course, you do have to keep in mind that this is the non-K variant of the chip, so if you're into overclocking, it might be best to drop a little extra green for the unlocked i7-10700K with its higher base and boost clocks. 

But if you've already got a Z490 board, and you need a chip to get your system up and running until Rocket Lake hits, the Intel Core i7-10700 is a great CPU that'll keep you happy for quite some time to come. 

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