Intel Displays Custom Arc A770 and Arc A750 Boards

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While the eyes of industry observers are at Intel's Innovation 2022 in San Jose, the company is also hosting its Open House event in Taipei, Taiwan to demonstrate its upcoming Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics cards as well as boards built by its partners. Truth to be told, there are not so many partners to demonstrate Intel-based graphics adapters right now, but at least those cards promise to deliver slightly higher performance than Intel's own cards. 

We already know that Intel is launching its own Arc A770 Limited Edition 16GB graphics board when the cards launch on October 12 at $329. This product will be quickly followed by Intel's own Arc A750 Limited Edition as well as custom cards from the company's partners. ASRock and Gunnir are currently the only companies ready to demonstrate their Intel Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics adapters. Apparently, these companies prepped three boards: two come from ASRock and one comes from Gunnir, as noticed by @momomo_us. Images have shown up on sites like xfastest, Engadget's Chinese language site and Cool3C.

ASrock readies one Phantom Gaming Arc A770 board with two eight-pin auxiliary PCIe power plugs that can deliver 300W of power to the card, which suggests this device will feature higher turbo clocks than Intel's own Arc A770 Limited Edition and therefore will boast with higher performance, according to To ensure consistent operation, the card will be equipped with a sophisticated cooling system featuring three fans. 

For those looking forward something cheaper, ASRock will offer its Challenger Arc A750 board equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory, two eight-pin auxiliary PCIe power connectors as well as a dual-fan cooling system. The company yet has to disclose all specifications of this product, but given higher power limits it will likely offer higher performance than Intel's own board. 

Gunnir is also prepping an Arc A770 graphics card for gamers that want to have more than Intel's Arc A770 LE can offer, which is why it has two eight-pin power connectors, and a huge triple-fan cooling system. 

It is noteworthy that for now ASRock and Gunnir do not disclose nominal or turbo frequencies of their custom Arc A770/A750 boards, perhaps because they are not yet finalized.

Speaking of Intel's own card, there is one interesting thing to note about Intel's Arc A770 Limited Edition device pictured by Engadget as it carries the 33782 serial number. While the product indeed seems to be a limited edition one with consecutive SNs, it looks like Intel has produced quite a number of these boards already, which may imply that they will be available widely. Will Intel's Arc Alchemist A770 be one of the best graphics cards available at $329 is something that only time will tell though.

Intel Arc Alchemist Specifications

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Intel Arc Alchemist Specifications
Header Cell - Column 0 Arc A770Arc A750Arc A580Arc A380
Process TechnologyTSMC N6TSMC N6TSMC N6TSMC N6
Transistors (Billion)21.721.721.77.2
Die size (mm^2)406406406157
GPU Cores (Shaders)4096358430721024
MXM Engines512448384128
Game Clock (MHz)2100205017002000
VRAM Speed (Gbps)17.5161615.5
VRAM (GB)16/8886
VRAM Bus Width25625625696
TFLOPS FP32 (Boost)17.214.710.44.1
TFLOPS FP16 (MXM)1381188433
Bandwidth (GBps)560512512186
TDP (watts)225225150?75
Launch DateOct 2022?Oct 2022?Oct 2022?Jun-22
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