ITRI Finally Brings Minority Report Tech to Life

For years, the film Minority Report has been seen as the gold standard for a fictional human-machine interface that actually had a chance of one day becoming a reality (looking at you, Matrix). With its sleek, virtual keyboards and projected displays, it fits all of the classic hallmarks of cool future-magic.

Today, CNET is reporting that Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute already has a working augmented reality system that projects a virtual GUI in front of the user. There's already a tech demo on YouTube; while the video is a little corny, it's still fairly impressive stuff. Hopefully, the company will be able to trim down the final product soon, because I need this thing in my life. 

The good news is the institute is actively courting mobile carriers and anyone else who might be interested in this sort of project. According to the rumor mill though, that could be half of everyone in consumer tech manufacturing at this point, as they all dash to get wearable computing solutions to market.

  • Pyree
    Hmmm... I can see a potential problem of using this in a crowded Taiwanese train.
  • bluegman991
    If holographic displaying technology doesn't advance fast enough, I can see large crowds of people all wearing these glasses.
  • balister
    Elon Musk already beat them to it, given, Musk's is much more specific (for use with CAD/CAM), but he did it before ITRI did. Plus, Musk figured out how to project onto a transparent glass pane.
  • gnice3d
    Meanwhile... Three years ago.
  • belardo
    Check out this futuristic, yet HERE TODAY graphic Interface:

    It looks like Ghost in the Shell, but it is VERY functional for what it does... and its a beauty to watch, especially in HD.
  • quilciri
    *grope*..."oh, I'm sorry, I was trying to turn up the volume"