Unicorns, Rainbows and STEM Unite With JIMU’s UnicornBot Kit

(Image credit: UBTECH Robotics)

Unicorns, rainbows and…STEM? UBTECH Robotics is uniting the mystical, glitter-dusted world of unicorns with the real-life magic of STEM skills through the latest member of its kids robots line, JIMU Robot Mythical Series: UnicornBot Kit. The $119.99 kit is available today.

The robotic unicorn’s striking white coat boasts a lustrous purple mane, tail, accents and, of course, a light-up purple horn that kids can program. Here’s where the rainbows come in: UnicornBot is the first of the JIMU line to include a color sensor. Kids can use the Blockly JavaScript library to program the LED horn to display eight unique colors based on what it “senses.” 

(Image credit: UBTECH Robotics)

UnicornBot is compatible with the free iOS and Android app JIMU, which teaches kids how to program the robot to move with the help of detailed instructions. And with a pair of servo motors and one DC motor, UnicornBot can also handle more complex programming, such as making a drinking motion when it senses the color of water, blue, for example. The app also has an augmented reality (AR) function that transports UnicornBot to its own fairy-tale land, so it can feel at home. Come holiday season, JIMU will update the app so little princes and princesses can enjoy more AR fun around storytelling, coding and “creative play.”

JIMU Robot Mythical Series: UnicornBot Kit targets children ages 8 and up. Magical rainbows not included. 

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    Unfortunately, you know that kids won't end up with these...they'll be completely sold out because all of the Bronies bought them...