LG To Showcase 21:9 34-Inch Monitor With Freesync At CES

LG's 34UM67LG's 34UM67With CES around the corner, a handful of vendors are already teasing some products that they will be showcasing. Today, LG caught our attention, as it will be displaying not one, not two, but three new 21:9 displays, all with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. One model, though, is particularly interesting, as it boasts support for AMD's new FreeSync technology.

The others are certainly compelling on their own. The 34UC97 is a curved 34" monitor with an IPS panel that is calibrated to cover 99 percent of the sRGB color space. It has two Thunderbolt 2 interfaces, meaning it's also convenient to use with Macs.

LG also built the 34UC87M, which is designed specifically for multi-monitor setups. Both monitors are geared towards a professional audience.

The most interesting monitor, though, is the 34UM67. This one isn't curved, and it's unclear whether it has an IPS panel or not (although we suspect that it does), but it has support for AMD's FreeSync technology. It also has black-stabilizer technology, which enhances details in dark scenes, making it easier to spot your enemies before they can spot you. We don't have many more details at the moment. 

AMD's FreeSync technology is the company's response to Nvidia's G-Sync, and it's a free and open alternative to its green competitor's proprietary stutter- and tear-reducing technology. For gamers this means dynamic refresh rates, creating a much smoother and clearer gameplay experience than when working with a fixed refresh rate with or without V-Sync enabled.

Pricing for the monitors remains unknown, as does availability.

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  • eklipz330
    YUP. getting closer to what I want. we have the throughput, now let's make it 120HZ and a slight curve, and price it oh how about $700?
  • AJSB
    I have nothing against these top of the linew monitors, quite opposite, but i hope that regular 1920x1080 monitors with FreeSync at very affordable prices hit the market soon.
    I also hope/expect that in the war between FreeSync and G-Sync, FreeSync wins.
  • SkyBill40
    The tech certainly is improving, but what about increasing the refresh rate? While 60Hz is doable and will suffice for some gamers (and the workspace market), it's just not going to cut it for those who want to stay at the bleeding edge or those wanting any competitive edge they can get. So, that means 120Hz at a minimum.... which also means a non-IPS panel.

    As for price, I don't expect this to go for anything less than $800 USD. Not bad considering what you're getting, but not an ideal compromise.