Lian Li Debuts Alpha Series Tempered Glass Cases

Lian Li announced a new series of cases featuring tempered glass panels and RGB LED fans and lighting. Say hello to the Alpha 330 and Alpha 550.

We got our first look at the Alpha series cases at Computex, where Lian Li showed off the new chassis sans components. Final specifications weren’t set in stone, and there was little to suggest that the company would be equipping the Alpha series with RGB LED fans and lighting. However, the final version of the Alpha 550 is fitted with exactly that; three Bora-branded 120mm RGB fans, a controller, a remote, and an integrated RGB light strip. The Alpha 330 isn’t completely fanless out of the box; it sports a 120mm rear fan (non RGB). The 550 also has a non-illuminated 120mm rear fan.

The Alpha 330 and 550 are nearly identical – both feature 4mm-thick tempered glass panels, a PSU shroud, and support for vertically mounted GPUs. Both also feature a USB 3.1 Type-C port and two USB 3.0 ports for front panel I/O. However, the 330’s glass panels extend further vertically and become flush with the top of the case, whereas the 550 has a strip of metal acting as a border for the window and is slightly larger in size. The bigger chassis (550) affords space for a larger radiator, with the 330 supporting up to a 420mm and 280mm radiator and the 550 supporting up to a 420mm and 360mm radiator.

The Alpha 330 is the entry level for the Alpha series, shipping without the Bora RGB fans, controllers, and light strips that come with the 550. Both will come in black or white finishes, with the Alpha 330 and 550 priced at $109 and $179, respectively. Lian Li Bora 120 RGB fans will also be available soon in varied packages; a single fan for $22, a single fan with a controller for $39, and a three pack of fans with a controller for $80.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Lian Li Alpha 330Lian Li Alpha 550
Motherboard SupportATXATX
External Drive BaysN/AN/A
3.5” Drive Bay22
2.5” Drive Bays55
Expansion Slots77
Front Panel I/O- USB 3.1 Type-C- USB 3.0 x2- HD Audio
Fan Support- 140/120mm x3 (Front, Optional)- 140/120mm x3 (Top, Optional)- 120mm (Rear, Included)- 120mm x3 (Front, Bora RGB Included)- 140/120mm x3 (Top, Optional)- 120mm (Rear, Included)
Dimensions21.25 x 9.05 x 20.35”17.71 x 9.05 x 21.49”
Net Weight27.33 lbs.29.1 lbs.
Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • berezini
    its a box.......
  • Tanyac
    Does no one use storage devices these days? Geez... Every manufacturer on the planet is building storage less cases. M.2 drives are not value for money, so the switch to that medium is not going to happen anytime soon!
  • atavax
    looks like it has great cooling, love all that mesh... i don't know about the lattice on the front; not the most appealing aesthetic imo. Also, this is just me, but i like lian li for their light weight high quality cases. Throwing tempered glass on their cases that add a bunch of weight, just kills their main appeal imo.
  • Lucky_SLS
    Nice to see usb 3.1 becoming mainstream.
  • michealfbailey
    The Chassis has internal storage, read the specs. The 3.5" drive bays are under the same shroud as the PSU on the bottom and located towards the front of the chassis in the shroud. The 2.5" drive mounts are located on the opposite side of the chassis where the system board is mounted. @ TANYAC, I imagine what your perceiving as a move by the industry to go towards storage-less (internal) cases is a misinterpretation of more streamlined storage locations withing the case.