Lian Li Outs DK-05 Motorized Adjustable Desk Case

It’s a case! It’s a desk! It’s...both? Lian Li has loosed its new DK-05 motorized adjustable desk case into the wild.

Billed as the “Ultimate Workstation,” the DK-05 is the latest installment in the company’s line of PC desk chassis. The desk itself is constructed of aluminum and tempered glass and measures over 55” wide and 31” deep. The motorized chassis’ legs are made of iron and can adjust desk height from 27.2” all the way up to 47”. The height of the desk is set via the two arrow keys on the height adjustment pad.

Whereas previous versions of Lian Li’s motorized adjustable desk line are designed to accommodate a single system, the DK-05 is capable of housing two complete system builds simultaneously thanks to its support for dual EATX motherboards and 16 expansion slots (eight for each motherboard tray).

The main chassis can be outfitted with CPU coolers as tall as 160mm, full-length graphics cards up to 360mm, and power supplies as long as 280mm. There are shared mounting locations for up to eight 3.5” HDDs and up to four 2.5” SSDs. The chassis supports up to a dozen 120mm fans (six in the front, six in the rear) and has four mounting locations for radiators and all-in-one coolers up to 480mm.  There are also two front I/O panels with USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.0, HDMI, and HD audio jacks.

Lian Li does not list the weight of this desk chassis on its product page but, through our past experience with the Lian Li DK-04X gaming desk, we can safely assume that the DK-05 will weigh-in somewhere between 110-130lbs empty. For those of you considering an adjustable desk case such as this, we highly recommend reading our article that explains the process of building the Lian Li DK-04X gaming desk first.

The DK-05 is available now with a $2,100 MSRP.

Case Type

DK-05 Motorized Adjustable Desk Case

Motherboard Type


ATX x2

Micro-ATX x2

Mini-ITX x2

Expansion Slots

16 (8 per side)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

1400 x 689 - 1175 x 780mm



Drive Bays

3.5” x 8

2.5” x 4

Front I/O

USB 3.0 x 2

HD Audio


Fan Support

12 x 120mm

Radiator Support

1 x 480mm

3 x 360mm

CPU Cooler Max Height


GPU Max Length


PSU Max Length




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