Lian Li Debuts Lancool 216 Chassis Optimized for Air and AIO Cooling

Lian Li Lancool 216 case
(Image credit: Lian Li)

Cases and cooling specialist Lian Li has released the Lancool 216 mid-tower chassis, which it initially teased back in the summer. This is a modestly modernized take on the Lancool 215, which we reviewed and praised back in January 2021, and addresses several of its predecessor's shortcomings. It is now bigger, but in these days of gargantuan GPUs roaming the earth, the enlarged capacity might actually be good.

Lian Li claims that the Lancool 216 can be optimized by a PC DIYer for either air cooling or AiO cooling. It certainly is flexible, and as well as making that cooling choice apparent, it supports up to E-ATX motherboards, has a removable top 360 radiator bracket, offers a 90-degree pivoting PCIe expansion slot panel, with a relocatable front I/O panel, has options for an external rear mount PCIe fan, plus provides plenty of expansion options for storage and today’s biggest GPUs. Buyers can also purchase this case in black RGB, white RGB, and plain black options.

One of the most significant visual differences between the new Lancool 216 and its predecessor is the refreshed “continuous front to top mesh” design. This update makes the design somewhat less boxy. In addition, the new front I/O panel is another welcome change, with two new features. First, the panel is relocatable from the top front edge to the front left side edge, and second, the I/O panel now includes a USB-C port.

The previous gen model didn’t have a front dust filter, and the same is true of the Lancool 216. However, Lian Li is making a full-coverage dust filter available as an optional accessory for this section. Pricing for the accessory is unknown at this time.

We’ve discussed some of the characteristics of the Lancool 216 and highlighted new and improved features, so now it is time to look at the tech specs. For those who bought the Lancool 215 or were interested in it at the time, please check the comparative specs table below.

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Lian Li

Lancool 215

Lancool 216 - New


Mid Tower ATX

Mid Tower ATX

Motherboard Support

Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX (width under 280mm)

Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX (width under 280mm)


(D) 462mm x (W) 215mm x (H) 482mm

(D) 480.9mm x (W) 235mm x (H) 491.7mm

Max GPU Length



Max CPU Cooler Height

166 mm


Max PSU length



Internal Bays

2x 3.5-inch, 3x 2.5-inch

2x 3.5-inch, 6x 2.5-inch

Expansion Slots



Front I/O

2x USB 3.0, 3.5 mm Audio/Mic Combo, LED control

2x USB 3.0, 1x USB-C, 3.5 mm Audio/Mic Combo, power, reset

Front Fans

2x 200mm RGB (Up to 2x 140mm, 3x 120mm)

3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm / 2 x 160mm (provided)

Rear Fans

1x 120mm

1 x 120mm / 1 x 140mm (provided)

Top Fans

Up to 2x 120mm, 2x 140mm

3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm

Bottom Fans



Side Fans





A-RGB options

The above specs help highlight some of the benefits the extra size of this already chunky chassis delivers. Users have traditional and vertical modes to choose from for fitting GPUs. The newer chassis has some extra length to play with – an extra 22mm. It is also notable that the 20mm wider chassis should help with any GPU power cable bending you might have to indulge in to fit the tempered glass side panel back on.

Other benefits of the extra capacity include; the increased max compatibility for CPU coolers and PSUs, the size and amount of fans, and additional storage device fitting capacity.

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Lian Li says that the Lancool 216 is available now priced from $99.99, and you can check the product matrix below for models and prices. Be aware that the three models are all bundled with three fans (2x 160mm front, 1x 140mm rear), but with the RGB models, the two front fans feature RGB lighting and a USB controller. The USB controller is available separately at $13.99.

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Lancool 216 Black


Lancool 216 RGB Black


Lancool 216 RGB White


If you are looking for a new PC case and the new Lian Li Lancool 216 appeals, please also check out the Tom’s Hardware Best PC Cases 2022: Our Tested Picks for Your New Build feature.

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  • DavidLejdar
    Seems also a better version than the Lancool II Performance Mesh I have here, especially in regard to larger fans (with more CFM), option to have a second rear fan, and larger top radiator (up to 360mm instead of up to 240mm). The only feature the 216 seems to be missing is the manual button for chassis fans speed, and mounting a HDD/SSD in the cage appears to not be as easy.

    Not planning to do any overclocking, so the PerMesh should (hopefully) be good enough even with a new-gen GPU (I couldn't find any numbers about how much CFM is recommended though). But I would probably pick the 216 if I wouldn't have a quite new case here already.
  • Why_Me
    This case is going to be a hit imo.

  • Roland Of Gilead
    I've the 215 and have absolutely loved it. Easy access, great air flow for the price. I got mine for €65 euros.

    The updated version seems to offer slightly better airflow, with a bit more configurability. Nice!
  • Phaaze88
    The rear fan in airflow mode will suit specific gpu coolers. The exhaust out the rear and front Msi 1080 Gaming X that GN used in their thermal test doesn't appear to be one of them.
    The custom 160mm fans could lead to more cash spent down the road.

    Other than that, (y)