Lian Li Intros Double Wide PC-D600 Aluminum Case

After making its initial debut during Computex 2013 back in June, Lian Li's PC-D600 double wide brushed aluminum chassis will be making an appearance in North America for $349 USD on October 20. This case features a two-compartment design supporting EATX, ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards, and radiators up to 420 mm in size, perfect for high-end systems with a little liquid-cooled pizazz.

"Separating the internal components into two compartments, the PC-D600 allows DIY enthusiasts to show off high end and intricate setups through the side panel window, while giving plenty of room for the wires and less eye-catching components on the other side of the motherboard tray," reads the company's press release. "Not only does the two compartment design allow enthusiasts to show off their builds, it also allows uninterrupted airflow across the heat generating components."

Lian Li says system builders can install a 240 mm radiator on the left side of the case over the motherboard. However, 360 mm/420 mm radiators in a push/pull configuration are also supported on the right side of the case. Regardless of where the builder decides to install the cooler, Lian Li claims that the huge amount of space above the motherboard allows the CPU cooler, cables and radiator to be moved between compartments without much effort.

The fully aluminum chassis provides pop-off 2 mm thick side panels and front bezel, as well as clip-in dust filters. The case supports graphics cards up to 12.9 inches long (330 mm) and CPU coolers up to 7 inches tall (180 mm). The case also provides two drive cages supporting three 3.5 inch drives and two 2.5 inch drives each that can be "tool-lessly" installed, and two mounts at the bottom for two additional 2.5 inch drives. The power supply, which can be any size, is located on the other side of the motherboard tray.

"The entire HDD rack on the right side of the case can be pulled out of the case with the removal of a couple of thumbscrews," reads the press release. "The [two] HDD cages inside the HDD rack are also tool-lessly removable and have 120 mm fans mounted to them. These cages can be set up so that the fans are either towards the front of the case or behind the cage."

On the passive cooling front, the new box provides three 140 mm fans on the front left (GPU/CPU side), two 120 mm fans on the front right (HDD side), and a 120 mm exhaust fan on the back. Three optional 120 mm fans or three 140 mm fans can be installed on the back if builders decide not to use the space for radiators. Two optional 120 mm fans can be installed on the top (via cutouts) or a 240 mm radiator.

As for additional features, the new case includes eight expansion slots, a front I/O panel with four USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connections, and a wide acrylic window on the GPU/CPU side panel so that the PC can strut its hardware stuff. The case weighs roughly 20 pounds, and measures 382 x 525 x 415 mm (W x H x D).

For even more hardware specs, head here, or check out the demo below.

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  • patrick47018
  • Shankovich
    Looks a lot like the Corsair Air 540
  • twztechman
    I just did a build with the Corsair Air 540. The double wide design is really great. Not sure if I would go $350 for this Lian Le case tho.
  • toddybody
    Im in love....
  • CaedenV
    Just a thought... but if we are going to have a nice big doubble-wide then why on earth does it not have crazy 200mm fans on front and back for airflow?
  • razzb3d
    My HAF XB double decker keeps me happy, but it's nice to see both Corsair and Lian-Li come up with double wide designs.
  • quilciri
    Let the trailer-trash jokes commence!
  • ikyung
    If you are willing to drop $350 for this, might as well go with the Caselabs Magnum M8 or something. Hinged doors, removable motherboard tray that doubles as a bench station, better support, more options, etc.
  • Beitzel15
    This case = $350

    Corsair 540 = $130