Lian Li PC-J60 Case Has Cable Clutter In Mind

The latest mid tower chassis from Lian Li, the PC-J60, maintains much of the classic Lian-Li aesthetic, but the company allowed for a little more flair this time around. Of the three available models, one has a band of red around the edges. (There are also two all-black version, one with a window and one without.)

The slotted pattern on the edging actually serves a purpose, though. Those are vents to aid cooling. Not that the chassis should need much help on that front, as there are ample fans, fan mounts and vents.

The front panel has two 120mm fans with a magnetically-attached mesh filter, and there’s a large grate on the rear. There are three 120mm fan mounts on the top of the chassis, with room for a large radiator (430 x 160 x 60mm [LxWxD]). There’s also a magnetic mesh filter covering those three fan mounts. The bottom of the case sports a 140mm fan, for exhausting heat from the PSU and drives, and four rubber-tipped feet provide clearance for airflow.

Speaking of the PSU and drive cages, they’re semi-sealed-off in their own aluminum compartment along the bottom of the PC-J60. Lian Li said this is to help keep the interior more tidy. You can fit two 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives in each of the two drive cages (both of which are removable), and they offer rubber vibration dampeners. The space can accommodate PSUs up to 210mm long.

The PC-J60 supports ATX and microATX motherboards and boasts seven expansion slots in the back. The front panel has two USB 3.0 ports, two audio inputs and the power button--but no 5.25-inch option, which is a trend we’re seeing more of these days. The main compartment of the case can handle graphics cards up to 410mm in length and CPU coolers up to 160mm tall.

Behind the motherboard tray, there are plenty of grommets and cable ties pre-mounted, and there’s plenty of room for cabling--enough that Lian Li saw fit to include mounts for a 2.5-inch and a 3.5-inch drive. There are two mounts--one for each size, so you can put two drives back there--and if you so choose, you can mount the drives on the front side of the motherboard tray, in the case’s main compartment.

The PC-J60 variants will be available on Newegg on April 11. The windowless version will be $189, and the windowed variants will cost $210.

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CaseLian-Li PC-J60
Motherboard SupportATX, microATX
Dimensions210 x 507 x 489mm (WxHxD)
ColorsAll black, and black with red accents
Weight6.48 kg
Drive Support-Drive cage (x2): Up to five 3.5 + one 2.5-inch-3.5-inch (motherboard tray mount)-2.5-inch (motherboard tray mount)
Fans-120mm x 2 (front, included)-140mm x 1 (bottom, included)-120mm x 3 (top, NOT included)
Front Panel I/O-USB 3.0 x 2-HD audio inputs x2-Power button
Component Support-Graphics card up to 410mm long-CPU cooler up to 160mm tall-PSU up to 210mm long
Radiator-Top: 430 x 160 x 60mm-Front: 240 x 120 mm
Price-$189 (windowless)-$210 (window)
AvailabilityApril 11 on Newegg

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  • gilbadon
    I wanted to water cool with this until I saw the price. I will stick with my 1/2 cost Define S Window
  • Virtual_Singularity
    Just saw this for sale on a site yesterday, the no window version, no distinction made between pre-order or not. I think this is one of the better cases Lian Li has created, brushed aluminum + aluminum all around (unless windowed), top designed to fit rads up to 60mm thick... This case is a thing of beauty. If it was big enough to fit eatx, it'd be near perfect. Even with no eatx capability, still a solid, quality crafted, near perfect case.
  • Peter Martin
    Love their cases so much. Still have mine, after more than a decade. Lightweight, beautiful and capable. I don't need water cooling or windows. all go, no show, just like I like it
  • tom10167
    Glad this doesn't have a black interior or I wouldn't be able to resist wasting $200 on a case.
  • skippyboy92362
    I realty like the design of this case being a Lian Li person myself. I have owned 5 of them over the years. There is just one thing I see wrong with this one and it is not price. It has the same crappy fans my new PC V-33 came with, there absolutely junk sleeve bearing ones. But most people who buy there cases replace the fans anyhow. Other than that this case has all you would need for a high end build.
  • turkey3_scratch
    17776512 said:
    I wanted to water cool with this until I saw the price. I will stick with my 1/2 cost Define S Window

    I don't think you understand Lian-Li. Their cases are premium and have high-grade components and make. They are made of high-grade aluminum and good materials all around

    @skippyboy: A bottom-mounted fan can't be sleeve bearing.
  • ErikVinoya
    Ok, time for me to learn something...

    A bottom-mounted fan can't be sleeve bearing.

  • turkey3_scratch
    Because of how sleeve bearing fans are designed. When they are horizontally mounted, the oil cannot make good contact with the rotor, which means they'll make a grinding sort of noise, vibrate a ton, and die pretty quickly.
  • ubercake
    Looks a lot like an NZXT H440, though the unpainted inside is reminiscent of a case circa 1995. I know there are fans of these cases out there because the quality is predictable, but most case manufacturers produce high-quality mid-range to high-end cases with more features at half the price. I just can't bring myself to hop on the Lian-Li bus.
  • turkey3_scratch
    Yeah, it is pretty expensive. One thing about NZXT is they include really nice case fans; rifle bearing usually. And 4 come with the H440.