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Lisa Su: High-End Navi GPUs Are On Track

During a Q&A session at AMD's Q2 2019 earnings call, AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that high-end 7nm Navi-powered gaming graphics cards are en route.

(Image credit: AMD)

The news will surely come as music to enthusiast's ears as there will eventually be more options to choose from in the high-end market. The recently-launched Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 are solid performers for their price, but they simply can't contend against Nvidia's top models. However, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg, and Navi certainly still has a lot of untapped performance.

When asked about AMD's planned 7nm high-end Navi and mobile 7nm products, Su responded:

You asked a good product question. I would say they are coming. You should expect that our execution on those are on track and we have a rich 7nm portfolio beyond the products that we have currently announced in the upcoming quarters.

As exposed by the Linux display driver, there are other Navi silicons out in the wild besides the Navi 10 die that's inside the Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700. So we know for a fact that there will be an RX 5800 or RX 5900 series. At least now we can be certain that everything is marching according to AMD's plans thanks to Su's latest statement. As a matter of fact, AMD partner Sapphire has already put in a request to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) to register the RX 5800 and RX 5900 monikers, among others.

Radeon RX 5900RX 5950 XT, RX 5950, RX 5900 XT, RX 5900
Radeon RX 5800RX 5850 XT, RX 5850, RX 5800 XT, RX 5800
Radeon RX 5700RX 5750 XT, RX 5750, RX 5700 XT, RX 5700
Radeon RX 5600RX 5650 XT, RX 5650, RX 5600 XT, RX 5600
Radeon RX 5500RX 5550 XT, RX 5550, RX 5500 XT, RX 5500

The EEC listing, which was discovered by reputable leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA, shows a ton of alleged Navi models. At this point in time, it's very likely that most of the model names are placeholders, and not all of them will make it to the market. Nevertheless, it opens the door for a bit of speculation.

The RX 5950 XT is one of the more intriguing models as it's speculated to come with a dual-GPU configuration. How crazy would that be, having two Navi dies on the same PCB? Other equally interesting models are the RX 5x50-series. They appear to be more powerful models of their respective series, or they can be a refresh of the Navi offerings. It's anyone's guess for now.

While Su hinted that AMD is working diligently on high-end Navi graphics cards, she didn't mention what kind of timeframe we're looking at. We can only hope they arrive sooner rather than later because Navi needs someone to carry the flagship title.