Logitech C920x Webcam is Back in Stock

Logitech Webcam
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One of Logitech's latest flagship webcams is back in stock on Amazon. The Logitech C920x was hard to keep on shelves this year due to continuing supply chain delays rippling throughout many tech industries.

The Logitech C920x is in high demand with a well-earned reputation. The Logitech C920 series is even on our list of best webcams for 2020.

We reported on the Logitech webcam shortage as recently as April, with an update in August. Even though the C920x is available again, it's listed with a considerable mark up in price through some sellers, especially ones with promises to deliver faster. That said, you can find units available at a lower price with alternative shipping options and sellers, many of which are getting fulfilled through Amazon. And even at $20, the markup is still less than we've seen up to now.

Stock is also fluctuating between sellers, so don't give up right away even if the site says there are only a few units left. Amazon itself even has an option to pre-order the webcams for December at normal price, though it seems to come and go.

The C920x webcam has Full HD 1080p support with the ability to record up to 30 fps. It has automatic HD lighting adjustment features as well as the ability to autofocus.

The camera supports stereo audio recording by means of two built-in microphones. Users can also choose to use Logitech Capture--software designed for capturing input from Logitech devices.

It's not clear how long these will be available in stock. Visit the Logitech C920x Pro HD webcam page on Amazon for more details and checkout options and take a look at our Amazon promo codes to see if you can save on the C920x Pro. You should also check out our list of Logitech promo codes and look for any alternatives too. 

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