Asus Announces NFC-enabled M70 Desktop PC

Asus has shown off a whole host of laptops this month, but just because IDF and IFA have concluded, doesn't mean Asus is taking a break. The company today announced the M70, a desktop computer that incorporates NFC connectivity. Asus is claiming that this is the world's first desktop PC with NFC. Users will be able to use the Near Field Communication for pairing their PC with Android devices and backing up their photos and videos wirelessly.


NFC aside, Asus didn't go into too much details on the specs. We do know that the M70 Desktop PC packs Intel's 4th generation Core-i series of CPUs (i3/i5/i7), and that users can pair this with NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics (up to GTX 650). There's also Asus SonicMaster audio technology, and Asus's Universal Storage Module (USM) hot-swap drive bay. Other than that, we don't have any other information.

The M70 also comes with a Qi wireless charger tray for wirelessly charging your phone and tablet. Users can charge their devices even when their computer is powered down. 

Pricing and availability were not discussed but we'll keep you posted.

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  • ikyung
    Nice. All PCs should incorporate this. I guess it makes sense for a Taiwan company to be the first since NFC is actually useful over there in daily lives.
  • audiophillia
    thats a sexy computer case. where do I get one?
  • guvnaguy
    Up to a GTX 650?? Seems a bit lacking in the gaming department...

    But kudos for the NFC and Qi charger