Matrox announces triple-display box with DVI interfaces

Montreal (Canada) - Matrox will be shipping a new version of its TripleHead2Go device, which enables users to connect up to three monitors to one graphics port. The new "Digital Edition" integrates DVI interfaces and offers a new feature that smoothes transitions between multiple screens.

The digital TripleHead2Go box is added about two months after the announcement of the DualHead Digital Edition and offers a bit more flexibility for users who want to run more than one displays on their desk. For a suggested retail price of $330 or $100 more than what Matrox charges for the DualHead box, users can connect up to three monitors to their PC to support a maximum resolution of 3840x1024 (triple 1280 x 1024).

Alternatively, the hardware can also run with two monitors configurations and resolutions up to 3800x1200 pixels (dual 1900 x 1200). In addition to offering support for Windows applications, Matrox says that the TripleHead2Go and DualHead2Go devices are recognized and supported by more than 150 games.

Exclusive to TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is a new "Monitor Bezel Management," which, according to Matrox, can eliminate distorted transitions between multiple screens. The firm said that the new feature hides a part of the image behind the bezel of a monitor, which so far appeared misaligned due to the gap introduced by monitor bezels.

The TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is scheduled to ship in Q2 of this year.