Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18922

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18922 to Fast ring members of the Windows Insider Program Wednesday. As expected, the build doesn't introduce major new features, instead bringing minor improvements to Language Settings and Feedback Hub.

The changes to Language Settings are meant to "make it easier for you to see the current state of your language settings at a glance," Microsoft said, with a new overview section that displays the default language settings for various aspects of Windows 10. (With the major sections being Windows display, Apps & websites, Regional format, Keyboard and Speech.) A given section's default language can be changed by clicking on its tile.

Microsoft said it also "reorganized the language features installation page a bit and added tool tips with descriptions" to make it easier for Windows 10 users to figure out what a given setting is actually supposed to do. Both of these changes should make it easier to configure Windows 10's language-related options, which could be a welcome change for anyone who needs to fiddle with those settings instead of relying on the default selections.

The changes to Feedback Hub are similarly minor. The app will now let people link their feedback to similar input submitted by other users, which should make it easier for Microsoft to track what Windows Insider Program members are saying about these pre-release builds. It also features a share button on the Thank You page shown after a submission is received. Feedback Hub's updates will arrive separately via an update from the Microsoft Store.

Preview Build 18922 also featured bug fixes related to preview build update errors, the input method editor and other minor problems. Some known issues remain, including problems with Realtek SD cards and old versions of anti-cheat software, which Microsoft said it's still addressing. Microsoft has also received reports of File Explorer "rendering in an unexpectedly small area" and causing a crash when clicked on.

This preview build is part of the 20H1 development cycle, which is devoted to the major Windows 10 update expected to debut in the first half of 2020. More information is available via Microsoft's documentation page.

Nathaniel Mott
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