Mionix Teases Inductive Charging Wireless Gaming Mouse

The guys from Mionix were at CES to show off their brand new gaming headset, the Nash 20, but their suite at the LVH actually had something much more interesting. The company is currently working on an inductive charging wireless gaming mouse/mouse mat combo based on its Naos mouse design. Dubbed the Concept PX, Mionix assured us that this mouse is not one of those cool concepts that fades into obscurity. This is going into production very soon.

Mionix said the mouse was born out of frustration while trying to design a wireless gaming mouse without compromise. Like many wireless mouse models, the PX can still be plugged in for the traditional wired experience. However, when unplugged, the two AA batteries powering the mouse should give you about 20 hours of gaming.

No word on pricing, availability or even when we can expect it to go into production, but we'll keep you posted.

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  • irish_adam
    Couldn't you make a wireless mouse that charges though the mouse pad such as wireless charging phones, surely that way you would not have to worry about ever running out of charge or remembering to charge it
  • CaedenV
    20 hours of gaming on 2 AA batteries? My wife's mouse runs for the better part of a year (~30 hours a week of use) on a single AA battery. Granted it is not a fancy laser mouse, but something tells me that there is a lot of overhead on this poor little mouse that could be cut.
  • Lutfij
    The ON/OFF switch is the weakest link in that design since the button will eventually give way and cause all sorts of funky behavior. I own a MS X8 mouse and the repeated use of the button on the bottom to shut down the mouse as I used to be away for long periods from my machine has left it crippled. Now I have to deal with my mouse shutting down randomly cos the mouse pad accidentally brushed against the button and knocked it off.
  • quilciri
    Derp, I'm retarded. I thought the XG2 was the fortress. A full PC in an XG2 shaped enclosure would be tits. a mini ITX board and vertically mounted full size video card, maybe.