MSI Debuts New AMD Polaris-Based Graphics Card Series

MSI announced a new series of AMD graphics cards bearing the Polaris architecture. Meet the Mech.

Few hard specifications were provided in the official announcement, but the Mech series will start as two offerings--an RX570 and an RX580. The cards feature a new thermal design with a second-generation version of the company’s patented Torx fan technology called Torx 2.0, which MSI said could generate 22% more air pressure and reduce noise levels. The heatsink has 6mm copper heat pipes that transfer heat from the solid nickel-plated copper baseplate to the aluminum fins, and MSI used a premium thermal compound to further increase the graphics card’s cooling potential.

The cooler’s black shroud matches the matte metal backplate and sports red accent lighting under the cover, and an RGB LED illuminated MSI Dragon logo on the top of the card can be customized to match the rest of your build with a 16.9 billion color spectrum.

MSI isn’t the first company to recently rebrand (or un-brand in some cases) AMD graphics card products, and many of the changes these companies have made are rumored to be the result of Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program, which purportedly required participants to align gaming brands exclusively with Nvidia, among other supposedly predatory tactics (some sites and sources conjectured these requirements, or the failure to adhere to them, would affect GPU binning and allocation for some OEMs). MSI’s Mech 2 AMD graphics cards come only 11 days after Nvidia abruptly ended the GPP, but it’s possible that the rebranding decision was made while the program was still in effect, and that it was simply too late for MSI to change course once the GPP was dissolved.

Full specifications and pricing for the new MSI Mech 2 series AMD Polaris-based graphics cards are currently unknown, but the company said we’d see them hit the market at the end of July.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • marcelo_vidal
    GPP Online :D sorry MSI the mess it's done... PWC, Sapphire, xfx and asrock for now on!
  • jhramika
    LOL so it is true Nvidia lied again. Unless thier is a version of thes card for Nvdia the GPP program is not over it is just going udergound more now. Don't buy any cards from MSI, ASUS or Gigabyte with new naming and are for AMD only.
  • salgado18
    As bad as GPP is, I actually like the new brands. Manufacturers can do some nice things with them, if they're smart.
  • DragonAsta
    cool "mew" cards that are just as likely to be overpriced and nowhere to buy them from LMAO.

    granted I like the "look" of the Armor MKII and this Mech Z (which appears to be a little more fully closed in than the Armor/Armor MKII, kind of like the Gaming X branding) time will tell. but seriously, if they do not have the clock speeds to back them up, to increase the price of RX 570/580 $120 or more over the actual MSRP is yuck.

    put another way, if a cpu cooler costs $120+ (ship and tax) it better be superior to the "reference boxed (clocked) cooler" and in many cases many of these "custom" cooled variants for Radeon or Geforce (yuck) really are not worth the extra $$$ compared to just going reference instead, certainly not $60-$120 or more "better"

    IMO...I be damned if I pay extra just for some fancy RGB that I never see anyways ^.^
  • Calculatron
    I'm going to be optimistic, and hope that all the components are still up to snuff.

    I worry more about what is under the hood, than the paintjob. It's when they start to skimp in that department that I really shy away.

    (Although, it really is a shitty deal to try to force companies to brand the make of the card, rather than the grade/quality.)